I have been feeling so queasy for over a week. And I have always been sensitive to smells but now it's insane.. I am constantly sick..
I am so not ready for a baby.. I bet my bf would be over the top.. He is soo broody.. Shouldn't it be the other way?? He goes all mooshy every time we see a baby... Going all "Oh look at him/her.. Look at those curls" blabla.. We got this baby book progress book when we were in London. And I thought sure it is very cute and we will have some use for it in the future.. I thought maybe in a couple of years.. Not right now.. And I have been really careful so it shouldn't be a case. Ah well.. I am supposed to have my period in a couple of days. So I guess I'll just have to wait and see.. Blah...
I know this sounds stupid... But I don't want to get even fatter before I have had a chance to feel OK with me.. *sigh*

Anyways.. Weekend.. Having a family brunch for his family to celebrate his birthday on Sunday. I am thinking about making a bunch of finger food and have a whole lot of fruit and berries too. That is my way of getting around eating "wrong" stuff. I really hope it goes well. I am so not in mood for more drama..

Wish you all a great weekend. <3


  1. If you don't want to be pregnant then I hope you are not. I totally get not wanting to get fatter even if it is b/c of a baby. Baby weight and pregnancy terrifies me. Feel better.

  2. I'd feel the same. The same thing happened to me a few months ago..I had a delay and totally freakoud out thinking I was pregnant. Which made the delay even worse seeing as women react to anxiety and stress so easily. Good luck, hope it's a false alarm!!

  3. Here's hoping it's a false alarm too hon. My BF is broody too and so am I! But it totally isn't the right time for us: I'm at uni, I want to be married first and I'm not ready to hand control of my body over in that way at all. :-S But if it happened, well, I wouldn't be too upset...!

    Love AJ xx

  4. Thanks girls. I do want to have kinds with him.. just not yet. In a year or two maybe. Just not yet.