Another 1,5 lbs down!

I am doing really good following the Modifast plan. Day 2 and a total of 5 lbs down is ttly YAY worthy ( as Ulla puts it ^^) hehe. So now it's 5 down 121 to go lol..
I still haven't gotten my bum to the gym, and I have no proper excuse but the fact that BF is pretty "needy" being all sick for ages and that I am just so tired cause I sleep too little cause of it. I have no idea how to just get going.. And yes I should maybe just go even if I don't feel like it and see how it goes.. 
Anywho.. I doubt I will have the same amount of WL all the time. I have heard that you lose a whole lot in the first week and then it slows down, and for keep it going down properly and shape the body I HAVE TO get to the gym. So I will have to do something it to get the motivation to get going. I think when I first get there and get past the first few days that it will be fine. The "problem" will be the first time. 
So today (at work) I am going to look for a lot of  "how to get started" motivation and sett my mind to it. I mean I am now OK with living on the modifast. Last night I was hungry and my tummy was rumbeling.. And Hells kitchen was on TV, and I just had made the BF a thai dish for dinner so the house was smelling so yum..  So instead of giving inn and having a "taste" I just closed my eyes and visualised the "thin me" .. I guess the Marisa Peer books are paying off in other ways than making me sick hehehe. Then I had a HUGE glass of water and enjoyed the feeling of being hungry.. I really really embraced it and loved it.. Is that too weird? It might be, I didn't eat. And I have decided that I am going to keep doing it. So my new rule is: 
"Every time I feel hungry, I will have some cold water and then close my eyes and visualise a thin me, the me that I am proud to show off, the one who can wear anything and shop anywhere"

Maybe I should do the same for the gym. Just decide that I love it, and that I want to go and keep repeating it until I believe it. According to Marisa Peer, you can "program" your self to believe anything. That's why it is so important to not talk down about your self cause if you keep doing it then you will become it. 

Anyways, going to be busy at work the next few hours.. Laters :)


Yaay! I got my period! OMG I am soo relieved.. I am so not ready for kids... Thank God! peeeww! ^^

Edit #2:
A tad more relaxed at work now, so I thought I would post a couple of pix from the shoes I got when I was in London.. I have always had an obsession with shoes.. Anyways these are from New Look and they don't cost much at all. The pink ones look much nice¨r IRL than on the pics ^^

Argh tiny pics but meh.. Pretty huh?? and the black ones are so comfo! 


  1. congrats on the weight loss. I need to try to figure out a way to program myself to believe i like the gym too!

  2. Well done for the weightloss :)
    Try to set yourself little goals for when you go to the gym, i find it helps the time go quicker and it makes your work out more engaging, like aiming to burn a certain amount of kcals in five minutes and then try to beat what you did in the next five minutes and so on, before you know it your workout is over and you've really pushed yourself too :)
    Its not weird lol i like being hungry sometimes, it reminds me of my goal but i have to be in a certain mood to embrace it otherwise it makes me cranky.
    Ps i love the shoe boots x