Ok, so here goes nothing..

London was great, I finally got me a proper haircut and had my eyebrows threaded. I also shopped for some new pairs of shoes and got me a very cute purse. We ended up paying an additional 96 GBP for the hotel :S Apparently the breakfast wasn't included.. I am 100% sure that I ordered the hotel WITH it.. but I guess not... So that really was a shock.. And a good bunch of money...
My bff and her husband met us there as well for the last two days and it was nice to meet her again. We ate ALOT... I have gained so much and I have reached yet another "this is my new fattest weight EVER" weight. So this is really about time to stop that and get back on track.
Before we left to London I read Marisa Peer's book "You can be thin" and since this morning I am following her plan. I will reread the book, and I will listen to the CD again every night. A lot of changes I am making are mental changes. They are about how I talk about my self. Talking down will make you believe that you are what you keep telling your self you are. I will not call my self for stuff again. Now when my bf tells me I am beautiful I wont argue back. I will listen and try to agree. I am not denying my self food, I am simply choosing not to eat some groups of food. I will focus on what I can eat and choose to eat them because those are what will make my body work better and for me, not against me. So flour and wheat is out cause that is not what is normal for my body to eat. It is like eating glue.. And it will be hard for my body to burn off. No added sugar.. I do not need sugar. No dairy products. Cows milk is full of that animals pus and hormons.. It was not ment for humans. Chocolate is basicly lard which will cover up my organs..
I will eat food that I can recognise, food that can be eaten raw if I want to. Food that can be portable. Fruits, veg, meat, egg, fish, seeds, nuts, lentils. What more can I ask for?
Choosing what is good for my body and eating what it can burn off and keeping it clean is what I am aiming for. No processed food. So I am going to choose me and what is best for me. I will also go to the gym because that is what I choose to do. I will choose things that are good for me and my body. On Monday I will also start couch to 5k running plan and I am really looking forward to that.


  1. This is such a great idea. Thanks for posting it, it's a great motivator and good information.

  2. yay for couch to 5K! :)i'm so glad someone else is doing it! it makes me more motivated not to skip any days! good luck with the new eating plan, it sounds really good and wholesome. and thanks for your comment, that made me smile :) <3 <3 <3!!!!

  3. I'm really pleased to hear you motivated for turning your life around. Diets don't work, in the long run it is a sustained, healthy lifestyle that is needed and your body will thank you for it :-)

    Best of luck hon

    AJ xx