It is probably..

Just water weight.. But I am down freaking 3.5 lbs! And I know that when you are as heavy as I am that those first pounds go down fast but I am very very very happy about the 3.5 lbs! And today I got to taste the chocolate pudding thingi for bfast. OMG!!! It is really CHOCOLATY!!!! It tastes like proper dark chocolate and it has this mousse texture that makes it so yum.. I never thought I do go on a premade low cal diet and still get to "eat" yummy stuff.. And the whole chocolate pudding in the morning is doing wonders for my mood.. I guess I needed my "fix" lol..

On the more disturbing side.. The period is still a no show.. Which is starting to bother me.. But ya I will give it few more days before I hit the panic mode. My tummy is pretty messed up. I am not sure if it is still after effect from the "you can be thin" book/cd, or maybe I got a bug from my BF. Hope it goes over soon. And that is just a bug...

The bf has been sick over a longer period now. He never gets sick, and if he does it normally goes over after like couple of days. It has been lasting over two weeks now and he refuses to go to the doctor.. What is with men that just want to "walk it off"..  I am "forcing" him to the doctors tomorrow if he isn't feeling any better. I did cook him dinner yesterday, but I just made enough for one meal. I made his lunch for today also, but I made something I don't like so I wouldn't get tempted.

We got to know that we are moving to the new office building in the first week of July. And as far as I know they aren't done with the building. They are remodelling and so on. And it isn't done before mid fall sometimes.. So this will be interesting.

Yesterday I managed to drink almost 3l of water. I am aiming for the same today. The modifast requires you to drink 2-2,5 l of water. What I am not sure about is if I can count tea as "water". If that is the case, then I had closer to 3,5 liters of "water" yesterday.

I am planning on going on the modifast until the week before the wedding. That makes it a total of 6 weeks. I am then taking a break from it for 3 weeks for the wedding and the honeymoon. Trying to restrict the intake with normal food. And will see what I am going to do when we get back.

@Ay Elle, fedup, Ullalexie and ChildofApatty :) Thanks for being around and for your kind words. Sometimes I think I would go crazy if I didn't have this blog, <3 you all :)

Edit: I should have never told that guy from work that I was trying Modifast.. Only cause he huge and going for a gastro he thinks he is an expert.. I am following the "how to" from the website and he goes on and on and on about how I should do things.. And who the fuck is he to keep telling me about how to diet.. If he knew what to do, why didn't he do it him self ?? He is soo messed up in the head.. He keeps talking about how he can keep eating bread and indian and so on 6 months after his gastro.. I don't know where he gets his fact from.. But seems like he is ttly wack.. And that he will go back and put the weight right back on again cause has the sickest ideas about what is right. Oh and get this.. He says that the instructions on the site are wrong that when I am doing modifast I should do it his way else I wont get enough calories lol.. He goes on and on and on about how 800 ( which is btw 860-880 cals if you take the 4 bags) is way too little calories and that no one can ever live on it.. I know that living on that amount of calories isn't optimal but I also know of people that get on fine with 500 calories a day. He is sooo caught in his own mind and ideas and so on that he has no eye for anything else.. Argh..... Sorry for the rage edit.. but he really really really bugs me!

Just loving this song..

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  1. YESSS!!! I don't care if it's water weight, it's stilla victory! yay <3<3<3