Wedding update!

We have been taking care of so many wedding details the last few days.. And I must admit.. I have been feeling kind of emo hehe.. I cry over everything.. Good kind of tears but ya :) I guess I am too much of a girly girl hehe.

So here is some of the stuff we are going to have..

For the wedding march we will have Parchelbel's Canon in D

Walking out is done along with "over the rainbow" ( not the best clip, but you'll get the idea )

This is the church where we are having the cermon 

Dinner is at this great little white restaurant in a middle of this amazing park.. By a pond. They have this little gazibo, where we will have drinks, and then walk down the flower isle to the restaurant where we will have dinner and cake. Here is a picture of the gazibo, and the restaurant:

Here is how the cake will look <3, It is a chocolate, tiramisu mouse flavoured layered cake... Mmmmm... :

And my bouqout... I love it...

Anywho.. I was about to burst hehehe.. I can't wait ^^


  1. So exciting!! You will be bawling on your wedding day. I'm a girly girl like you and the tears just kept coming. Beautiful stuff!

  2. This post was absolutely beautiful!
    I am SO excited for you, and I hope that your wedding day is everything that you want it to be, and so much more!
    You definitely deserve that! :)
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

  3. Oh God lol :P I HAVE to get me some water/tear proof stuff then hehehe :) Thanks hon.

    Thanks to both of you :)