So how about this...

I have been thinking,, Maybe a tad too much.. About how I manage to stay off food during my work days- and then overeat at nights.Or how I keep eating more and more during the weekends.I have also been thinking about  life in general. About my future.. About how I wish I could be.. We had the talk.. My BF and I.. Talked about our future.. Kids.. I have been telling him that we should wait. And I have told him that I want to get thin before we try it.. Anyways.. Next year.. That's when we will get serious about it. I'm not sure if I am ready for it yet.. I'm not sure if we should.. I mean.. I am a mess.. My family is a mess.. I know that I wont become like my mom.. I know what I don't want. I know what I wish to be.. Before anything I want to be thin.. And January next year isn't leaving me that much time.
We are almost at the end of June.. That leaves me 6 months till end of this year.. 6 months to lose over 120 lbs.. That is insane.. How am I going to do that? Is that even possible? 20 lbs per month??
I am thinking about 500 calories per day during week days and 900-1000 during weekend. I will ofc keep using my modifast things till I am out of them. I will figure out what to do after.. Is it doable? How much will I be able to get rid of? Can I do it? Do I have the will.. Can I manage? I will count everything.. Everything.. I need a new sett of mind.. I need the will power.. Any tips.. Ideas.. Feel free to tell.. I am open to almost everything.


  1. I think it is very difficult but not impossible! I have faith in you, you can do it! And you should set yourself that goal anyway, do that even if you don't reach it, you are guaranteed of coming close to it!
    I would recommend calorie shifting to lose a large amount of weight in a short time. Never eat the same number of calories more than 3 days in a row to keep the metabolism guessing, and always have a couple of high days in there to prevent metabolism from slowing down (your higher weekend days is a good idea).
    When I was 15-ish I calorie-shifted and ate 2 days very low, 2 days high, 2 days very low, 1 day high, 2 days very low... etc and lost 25 pounds in 6 weeks (a little under 5 pounds a week which would be 20 pounds a month) I need to get back into that swing of things! Just find a calorie shifting plan that works with your schedule, and always work out in the morning after a high calorie day so you have energy for a decent workout! Good luck!

  2. I'm not going to say that it would be impossible, but if it can be done, it would not be healthy and could possibly ruin fertility (at least for a while). In my opinion, you two should have another talk and you should tell him that if you two are going to have a baby that you want the baby to be as healthy as possible and to have a healthy baby, you need to be at a healthy weight and that you want to lose 120+ lbs before you have a baby. If you lose 2 lbs a week (the healthy recommendation), it will take 60 weeks to lose the weight. You can probably reasonably lose the weight in about 1 year which will give you more time to lose weight so you won't end up so stressed (and possibly not losing enough weight or making it difficult to become pregnant) and it will give you more time to decide if you actually want a baby. Pregnancy and birth can be more difficult/complicated if a person is over-weight. Birth is difficult in general (been there...) and it is easier if a person is in better physical shape. You will need to be able to exercise during pregnancy and make sure you don't gain too much weight or end up with gestational diabetes (which is more common when a person is over-weight or gains too much weight during pregnancy) and you should also make sure you are healthy in general if you are planning a pregnancy. Go to a doctor and find out how much weight they would recommend you lose and what kind of exercises you should do and everything and most doctors suggest taking prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant so find out about vitamins and such. And you should find a doctor you like too. I went through 3 doctor while I was pregnant. You should also make a budget or something so that you know you will be able to raise a baby.

  3. It might seem really hard to picture loosing all that way in such a short space of time, but remember that you are strong and you can do anything if you set your mind to it. Just set yourself little goals to get you through it and calorie shifting like Ulla said is a good idea. Maybe a couple of fasts in there too iif you want. I mimght fast once every fortnight to push me in the right direction :) x

  4. <a href="http://moonlight-mistress.blogspot.com/2011/06/30dc-7.html>Moonlight Mistress</a> posted a link to an article about a woman who lost 25 pounds in a month by eating for the weight she wanted to be. So, basically figuring out the BMR plus activity level of someone who was 123 pounds and then only eating that many calories a day - she'd do a weekly spreadsheet and save calories for the weekends, but it worked for her. You could try something like that so you aren't going to the extreme of 500 calories a day.

  5. If you go too extreme you may set yourself up for failure. I definitely think slow and steady is better then quick and drastic. It's hard to be patient at times but it's the only way i think you can truly keep it off. No need to rush into a baby right after you get married. Hope you can get your hubby to be to see that. It's not jut about weight but also about just having time to yourself as a couple and prepare.

  6. Oh, really? :) Maybe I should try some green tea before the laxatives then :) Thank you!

  7. I know that you should not do anything until you are 100% ready and can take it on completely.
    I think it is very wise indeed that you and your BF are waiting to have kids.
    As far as the weight loss thing goes, realistically, I would say you could lose about 48 pounds by the end of this year.
    That is a loss of 2 pounds a week every week for six months.
    That should be the maximum you shoot for, because I do not want you ruining your body, health, and future fertility chances just for the sake of being thin.
    Be careful, please. :)
    I will support you in whatever you decide to do.
    I hope you have had a wonderful day; you deserve it!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

  8. I agree with Kes and Princess Perfection that it will be far healthier and more realistic to aim for 2lbs per week especially as you are considering having children in the not-too-distant future. Losing 25lbs a month would be very extreme, probably but your body in starvation mode very quickly and make likely make you feel awful, result in bad mood swings and that will have a negative effect on your relationship and chances of having a baby.

    I urge you to really think this through before embarking on such a drastic plan!

    Love AJ xxx

  9. I know it sounds cliche but whenever I have the willpower to stick to it, I lose 1 lb a day. If you stick to under 20g of carbs per day, you will lose weight fast. My mom did it, my husband did it, I did it, and we all lost on average 1 pound per day. It's great because you can eat all the time. It just has to be fat/protein. It keeps you full so really you end up eating less (in fact my husband and I have been doing it lately and we didn't end up eating until 7pm tonight because we just weren't hungry, we really need to be eating MORE than we are). We eat a lot of eggs, cheese, sausage, chicken and fish. It's hard at first but it's totally worth it.

  10. Nu fungerade det, vad bra :) Okej! Vad modigt att flytta till ett annat land!