We had our official meeting with the priest that is going to get us hooked yesterday.. And OMG!!! He was one special nut case.. I don't know if it is because I was raised in the protestant church and he was from the old Swedish church or what ever.. But he was a nutcase... First of all.. He said " the bride and the groom walk down the isle together" WOOT??? No they don't??? And then when I told him I wanted the "you may kiss your bride" after we are done.. He said " no that is an american movie tradition" and then he managed to keep going on and on about what a sexist act it would be to tell a man he is "allowed" to kiss his wife as if he owned her and blabla.. Oh and he wanted people to sing all the time.. Before and after every single act he wanted a song!! We don't want any dude... *sigh*
Mark my words.. God help him if he messes up my wedding!!! It will be war lol .. I am going to send him an email with details on how we want it to be.. And he better adjust.. I am planning to do this properly and I don't want some guy with weird ideas about things to ruin it.. 
What else.. Lets see.. I have trouble with blogger.. Seem like it goes mental and can't save my post.. So I have to copy it.. And clear cache and everything.. Relog.. And then paste it and try to publish it.. Ah well.. I just got a note that my new scale was delivered.. I am really looking forward and dreading  to see the numbers on it..
It was btw really funny to see that I am not the only geek over here hehe. I haven't been gaming since october/nov last year but ya.. That is where I met my fiance. :)

@Eowin: Haha ^^ Hello fellow geek ^^ Your comment made me go to geek mode for a while ^^ No I haven't really gamed anything but WoW.. :) And yes distance relationships suck.. Gl on having the bf over hon.
@Seeking Something Else: Ya.. That was not my problem.. I had several high end chars and were raiding on all of them lol.. For a while I had no life but gaming.. hehe I did get into it by an ex but I kept going when it was over with him, cause well.. It is one great braindead activity.. And an amazing scape from the real life. 
@Fed Up: Hehe, I never said I wasn't ever going to stop couting.. I said I wanted too.. Tbh I think I am too addicted to it not to. Main focus atm is portion control but I always have the numbers on my mind .. But it was an iphone app, and I am an android user.. So we will see hehe
Oh and in Norway they use the term "kjæreste" which means "my dearest" .. I dunno why I keep calling him my bf instead my fiance.. I guess I have already had a fiance and he wasn't special to me.. So I keep using the term "kjæreste" aka Bf, cause I think he will always be just that, if you get what I mean. No matter how long we are together, or how old we are.. I want to him to always know that he is my dearest.  And it is becomming a habit to call him that too. I think I will be using "hubby" when we are married, cause that would mean something different to me hehe
@Absolute Darling : Good to know that I am not the only one.. He doesn't deserve my thoughts though.. Glad to hear that you have the love of your life now :)
@Nele : OMG lets not go into the guild talk lol.. I am way too geek to go into details of that ^^ And ya it is actually normal with couples ingame :) and it can be fun until they get into a fight over an item lol.. And yes I have actually seen that happen.. and ya that song is pretty nice :) Can be really catchy hehe
@Princess Perfection: It's an addiction love.. On the fun note.. I used to have a shoe collection ingame too lol.. And thanks hon. I am very happy with him.. He is more than what I could have wished for..

Thanks for all your support girls.. Means the world too me..


  1. Yeah, I could probably pick up a few things at the summer sale too.

    P and I are still a couple, but in the beginning I sort of dumped him and he actually really made an effort to get me to stay with him :)

    Say what? One of my friends are getting married this summer and their priest didn't bitch about anything they wanted. And songs? On a wedding? What?! I hope he doesn't bitch about the stuff you want. It's your day and should be just as you want it to be!

  2. This guy was a special case I tell you.. I don't see where he got half of the stuff he said from hehe

  3. What a strange one! If anyone tried to tell me how I should have my wedding, it would most defo be war! My mum had a really rough time organising hers, my dad's family were *totally controlling* and she couldn't pick the flowers she wanted, had to have certain bridesmaids etc and my mum's mum didn't get a look-in. It's really sad she doesn't remember it as a happy time, I won't let that happen to me and don't let it happen to you chick!!!

    Good luck, AJ xxx

  4. lol I know! It's really funny to see that there are other girl geeks! And if you knew me in person, you would NEVER be able to tell that I am actually into videogames and stuff. The new job that I applied for yesterday is actually in the gaming industry XD

    Anywayzzz that's so weird! It's YOUR wedding, one of the most important days of your life, and it'd better be the way you say!!

    Lol btw a few days ago my bf's best friend got married...and the priest was reading the bible off an iPad!!!!!!!!! isnt't that crazy? LoL

  5. What a crazy person. It's your wedding and the if you want the kiss, you should have the kiss. It's not like it just "started" in movies. It's an ancient tradition and you should be able to partake.

    My wedding didn't go exactly as I had hoped, but remember, no matter what happens, as long as you are married to your man at the end of the day, that's all that matters. It will still be wonderful.

  6. My wedding wasn't exactly ideal XD Fight for the wedding of your dreams!

  7. Dude, I would be, hm, rather pissed if someone tried to dictate how my wedding was gonna be.
    Fight for your ideal wedding, love!
    Hooray for a new scale; I hope it is beautiful and wonderful. :D
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

  8. weird!!! lol i wanna get married! :'(

  9. We had a catholic wedding and there was no kiss at the end. I had no idea it was going to be that way until it was already over...lol.


  10. I just started reading today.

    My priest was EXACTLY the same. He wouldn't let me walk down the aisle with my father. We threatened to leave the parish if that was the case. Needless to say we got what we wanted after that. But it was the same for the music, the readings. AND he gave the same excuse that these "traditions" were from the movies and sexist. Ummmm it has nothing to do with "ownership" of the bride but the symbolism of leaving one part of life to start a new one.

    I hope as I read things worked out for you. On I go!