This is what I am thinking about doing..

Thanks for all your wonderful comments and ideas girls. I do agree with you about having more realistic plans and idea about how much I can lose. And I shouldn't put my self up to fail.
@Kes: I am not sure if I want to involve a doctor yet. I have a hard time finding one I can trust with my Fibromylgi and until I haven't find one I can talk to about that, I don't want to talk to them about anything else either. It is maybe silly, but their idiot comments makes me feel horrid and that normally ends up in a b/p session.. But I am not going to even think about getting pregnant until I feel like I can deal with it. I am glad to say that we don't have money worries, since both me and my BF are in very well paid positions but everything else is just a tad too much to think about atm. Thanks for all your wise words <3
@FedUp: Ya I will have a chat with him.. I do have the baby cravings from time to time, but we are not ready for it. Our relationship is pretty new, and I want us to have the "lover" time before we even think about becoming  parents. So I will have yet another talk with him when the time is right. I just have to figure out when..
@Princess Perfection: I think I could aim for more to start with since I have so much to lose.. To be patient is not something I have ever been good at.. Thanks for all your support hon <3
@AJ: Thanks hon, I will be careful. And I already have the moodswings lol so ya :)
@Aye Ell: I tried Atkins once and had amazing results on it. But it made me really sick.. I was using many of the Atkins products so they could be the reason for why I was feeling ill all the time. But I am thinking about going back on a low carb diet after out honeymoon. It sure was the only diet I lost a bunch of weight on and it sure is worth it.
@ Seeking Something Else: I read that post, She does have a valid point there. And it is similar to what Rusty's plan is too. I want to do something like that when I have shed off some weight. I just feel like I need to lose some first. And then go from there :)
@ChildOfApathy: Thanks hon <3
@Ulla: You are just too kind :) I wish I had the faith hehe.. I am going to try something like that for now.. I will put more details about it <3
@Mia: Good to hear that it worked now :) Noen måtte flytte . og siden jeg fikk en bra jobb tilbud her ble det til at jeg tok sjansen.. Men takk :) Det var ikke lett å reise fra mine venner.. men men. Er ikke lange veien til Norge hehe

Now for the details around it. I have a bunch of Modifast products and I am planning to use them up before I hit a low carb plan. And they are tasty and easy to keep control with . What I want to do is to keep using them until the wedding. The plan is to have 4 packs a day (880 cals/ each pack has 220 cals)- I want to do it like this:
Mondays and Thursdays: 2 packs
Tuesdays and Fridays: 3 packs
Wednesdays and Saturdays: 4 packs
Sundays Normal food with calorie restriction- Max of 1300 (That would be my GW BMR)
I am going to eat veg and fruit in addition to modifast. More veg than fruit to keep the calories low and to keep the hunger away. I will however put a max level of 1300 on all days just to be on the safe side.
After the wedding and honeymoon (Or after I run out of the modifast stuff) I will either do the Low carb- or the BMR plan. I am not sure which yet. I have to think about it. I have never been a big meat eater and I have been sort of sick of it lately, which makes the low carb plan sort of impossible to keep up. So I have to think about it.

I am actually playing with the idea of going Flexitarian for a while so I might just do that. I got this book called the flexitarian diet which gives you a full eating plan all counted and ready to make. It's weekly based and you can swap the meals from what you like the most. If you eat the 3 main meals you end up with 1200 cals per day. You can add a snack or two if you wish, each snack has around 300 cals. So that is also an option. It also contains weekly shopping lists which makes it even easier. So that is something I am really looking into. And since I am feeling pretty sick of meat lately, it might be the way to go.

My main problem at the moment is during the off days. Having the BF around and slacking at home = overeating.. That is why I feel like I have to have those days planned properly and have a day with "normal" food so I have something to look forward to.

So this will be a short term plan until I figure out what to do when we get back, it isn't really that extreme is it? I guess I sort of panicked when he laid it down like that..  But I think he will understand if I talk to him about it. He is really a great guy who listens. Most of the time hehe..

Lets see what else.. Ah ya. We have decided what we are going to serve at the wedding. Starters will be Carpaccio with some salad and bread. Main is going to be roasted duck breast with veg and roasted potatoes with the most amazing ginger gravy. I have never ever ever tasted a gravy that was soo yum.. Ever.. Dessert will be this yummy lime/lemon mousse with berries..

Anyways, I am going to end this wall of text for now. I might edit it more later.. Seems to be one of those "dead" days at work hehe.. Wish you all a great day. <3 And again. Thanks for all your support.


  1. I had to deal with idiot doctors and their comments while pregnant. One told me to have an abortion and that I was going to have to do it quick because I was like 10 weeks pregnant and abortions are illegal in Illinois after 12 weeks or something like that. But it would be best to find a doctor you can trust before you do anything like that. I went through 3 doctors while pregnant.
    The modifast plan sounds good. I've read/heard that if you take the weight you want to weight and multiply it times 10 (guys are supposed to multiply by 12 I think) and eat that many calories, eventually you will get to the weight you want (but it would probably be rather slow). But you could do that and use that number as your max cal limit if you think it would work.
    I've never had carpaccio or duck, but the rest of the food you're serving at your wedding sounds good.
    Stay strong.

  2. Your new plan sounds like it is going to be great for you!
    I cannot wait to see your results on it!
    I wish you best of luck with it; you will do great. :D
    Have a fabulous day; you deserve it!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

  3. It's so nice to have a plan. It sounds reasonable and totally doable. You have no money problems...so jealous!!!

  4. Glad we could help you hon! Your new plan sounds very workable,good luck with it and I look forward to hearing how it works for you.

    Love AJ xxx

    (p.s. still having wedding envy, I so wanna get married!)