Erh right..

Yesterday I opened one of the new boxes from the modifast stuff I got. I got them for like 10 days ago. And I ordered enough of it to last for 6 weeks. I hadn't used them since I already had 2 boxes of the products at home, and two at work. But last night I decided to test a new flavour and it was horrid.. And it smelled funny.. So I went and checked the box and the product was almost 6 months out of date :S.. I checked the rest of them and good thing that I did cause 12 of 15 boxes were out of date :S And thinking about the fact that the shit costed me almost 2000 kroners I was pissed.. So I called them today. And first she said that it was impossible and that I must have seen wrong. But after I flipped and made a "do you think I am fucking blond" , she went to check and it seems like they have had a patch of products that were out of date and had been sent out to customers ordering online by mistake.. I am sending them back today after work and I asked to get my money back. That leaves me with enough products to last this week.

Anyways I am going to figure out what I am going to do when I am out of them. The choices are between a low carb diet as Aye Ell mentioned. Or the flexitarian diet I mentioned in my last post. Or maybe just good old calorie counting with more real idea of restriction. 

I am down 1 lbs today.. Don't feel like it is worth mentioning even since I have been yoyo'ing up and down all the time..  

Thanks for the comments yesterday, And welcome to the new follower. I can't seem to find your blog, so leave me a comment with the link if you want me to follow back :)

@Fed Up: It hasn't always been like this. I have had a whole bunch of money issue until like 6 months ish ago. I still have a loan I am paying off. House loan leftovers after a break up. God knows how much money I have wasted on bad relationships.. But things are good now.. So I wont complain. 

@AJ: Don't you worry hon. You will get married too :) And I bet you will look amazing. Way more amazing that I can even dream of looking on mine. 

I am feeling pretty down. I know I have gained all this weight because of my own bad habits and the fact that I am lazy.. I don't know if I fuck stuff up for my self or what.. But feels like every time I decide something, something happens to mess it up. I mean come on.. Getting out dated products or whatever.. I know most of the time it is my own fault.. This is probably my fault too.. I just haven't figure out how yet.. And I know.. Nothing will happen until I get my shit together and actually move my lazy bum.. 

Ah well. I still have a few days to figure out how to deal with it. And until then we will see if I lose anything on the current diet plan.



  1. I sort of was a flexitarian for a bit, and its super good because its very low calorie because mostly youll be having veggies instead of meat and stuff. I think it'll be easier to follow than low carb especially seeing as you have a set meal plan too :)
    Dont beat yourself down, we all fall down sometimes but what important is how you deal with it and pick yourself up :) x

  2. You could try the Health SGD. I really like the SGD because you can eat as many fruits and veggies as you want, so you never really feel hungry.

  3. Good luck!
    Sorry about the out of date products =/
    Link to my blog since you asked: http://xuashley.blogspot.com/

  4. I'm glad you checked the dates and called them!


    Getting outdated products is soooo what would happen to me. Shit like that always seems to follow me around....haha.


  6. Ugh, I am super glad you got that figured out.
    I would be so mad if I got a bunch of out of date products.
    I hope you feel more positive soon.
    Hang in there. <3

  7. I hope I'll lose it in a week :)

    Why is it so hard for some people to do their job? And make you look stupid, lol..