Does anyone know Ulla??

Ullalexie from Emerging from a cocoon of fat has been gone for a week. The last thing updated from her front was that she was in the hospital, but that she was feeling better.. But since then her blog is gone and I am sort of worried about her.

Does anyone know her irl? If you do- is she OK?


  1. ullalexieanorexic.blogspot.com

    Its wahat blogger says it is when you click on it. But then it just says its been removed. I hadnt even reealised because i havent been on here much myself this week. Im worried now too, i dont think she'd just delete it and not say anything :/
    Youre really pretty btw, i love the pictures you put up :) xx

  2. Ursula is verry malade. I come with our parents to return her to France but the doctor refuse because she is not stable enough to be moved. I make to delete her blog and google account for the parents not finding it because we all use on her computer while we are here and she is asleep most of the time and can not hide what we don't want them to see. We help each other keep the disorder from parents and she help me a lot since I am still underage and they can force me to treatment so I do what I can to help her

  3. oh! sorry, desolée! this is her small sister

  4. Thanks for you comment. I am really sorry to hear that she is so ill. It really breaks my heart:(
    Please give her my love and let her know that I hope she gets well soon.

    Take good care of you both <3

  5. I'm sorry to hear she's not well, I had just started following her recently. To her sister - I'm also very sorry she is sick and I wish her a quick recovery.