Done with Modifast..

So I'm almost out of Modifast products. I have a couple of bags with some soup and choco pudding left, but tbh I don't care enough to use them up. I got my new scale yesterday. I got on it this morning and saw the "real" numbers. I weigh inn more on it than on our old digital scale, the dif is around 3 lbs. But I guess if I am going to use it from now on- those numbers are the ones that count.
Anywho I got my wakeup call last night.. I weigh in around 81 lbs more than my fiance.. That is almost a person- maybe half a person, but still.. No wonder why I feel so huge beside him lol I AM HUGE! I have almost  59% body fat.. Which means I could be purely bacon lol.. Ladies and gentleman.. We have a huge bulb of fat and sugar standing here in human form.. It's sad but it is a fact..
I know I say that I don't want to count carbs or calories.. But I can't not do it as long as I am this huge.. I will stop counting when I get under my goal weight.. So ya.. I have to count..
For now I am going to count carbs.. 20 grams of carbs per day. Aye Ell is right .. The low carb diet works! It is the only diet that worked for me.. EVER.. Anyways.. I will also do the portion control thing with the plates since I think that is the main reason why I gained the weight to begin with..
Ugg.. I am so disgust by what I see in the mirror..  This is what I feel like today:
A fat lard! 

This is what I want to feel like:
Skinny, light, beautiful... 

How can I get there?? By stop eating like a person who looks like a huge bulb of lard.. I am what I eat..

Thanks for all your comments on the yesterdays post about the freaky priest.. I needed it.. Wishing you all a good day and a great weekend <3


  1. Wishing you a good day and great weekend too hon, keep motivated!

    Love AJ xxx

  2. Kitty! I <3 you! and you can do this! I'm glad the scales work, now I am motivated to lose my last few pounds so I can finally earn them! Just keep working hard and you will continue to see results, and I'm here with you / for you every step of the way! But I wish you luck with the low-carb diet, and I think you're right about the plate size and also apparently using blue plates helps? I've never tried that but I've heard the colour blue helps curb appetite.

  3. Good luck on your low-carbing! Portion control is good but try to eat frequently or your metabolism will slow down. That has always been one thing that annoyed me. I would think that if I ate hardly anything during the day (because protein is so filling and I just didn't get that hungry) that I would lose weight, but it was usually the days that I didn't eat enough that I wouldn't lose.
    Wishing you all the best!!!

  4. You can do it! Belive and You can everything.
    Low-Carb oh yeah this is it!
    Stay Strong <3

  5. You can do this, love.
    Work hard and keep sight of your goal.
    We are all here for you and we all believe in you!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3