Weekly weigh in and so on..

I am down 7.7 lbs since last Friday. I will keep updating my ticker as it goes but the official numbers are going to be weekly based. I have a feeling that this number could have been much higher if I hadn't messed it up with that carb day. But that is in the past- and I have learned my lesson. I have also added a new page to keep track of the weekly numbers.

We are at the new offices. It is a mess. And it is VERY open.. There are a few glass rooms- but the rest is open space. I really hope that I get some proper place cause this is very distracting. I cant really focus with all the people passing by. And I do wonder who I get to sit next to later on. I hope it's not going to be someone smelly. Ugg.. I so am not comfy here atm. We don't have our anything of our own either but the laptops. I forgot my lunch at home- and there aren't really any places that sell food that aren't bread based around yet.

Our old office was in the middle of the city and there were plenty to choose from. Now we are outside the city centre close to the station- which isn't finished yet. A salad place is apparently opening there on Monday- so that is good.

I had yet another weird dream- this time my fiance wasn't dressed properly for the church.. And then suddenly it was a new dream- where he was dressed but had forgotten the flowers.. I really hope these dreams stop soon.. I am way too tired for this going on and on for 3 more weeks.

 @ Aye Ell: Ya I am hopping off this from the wedding and for our honeymoon. I am not sure what I will do when we get back. The low carb diet gives fast results but it is easy to gain it all back as fast as you lost them. So I am thinking maybe I should do a calorie restricted plan after the honeymoon and then maybe just keep the "bad carbs" off. With that the weight will get off slowly but it is easier to keep a normal eating habit and keep going. But that is weeks away so I have time to figure it out.
@Eowin: I am 163 cm- or 5'34" I think :) So ya 120 wouldn't be that bad. Good to know I'm not alone about the email thingi- It will be this will until after I am back from honeymoon.. Summer time ftw lol
@Nasimiyu: Thanks hon :) Ya we do want kids- just not in the nearest future. hehe.. Well he does-- I don't.. Long story lol


  1. Good job with the weight loss. Hope your office gets more comfy soon and the wedding dreams stop keeping you up at night. I actually think it's normal for brides to have dreams where everything goes wrong!!

  2. Wow, congrats, lady, your low carb diet seems to really be working! can u tell me more about it? like have u left carbs completely out? keep it going!

  3. Wow!
    You are doing absolutely amazing!
    Well done, indeed.
    I am really proud of you! :)
    Keep up the great work!
    I hope you find someplace to eat around your office soon.
    I would go nuts. :P
    Hope you are doing well!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3