A way back to me..

Thanks for listening to my insane ranting yesterday. And I want to give a special thank to FedUp. You are right.. I am losing my self in the wedding madness and I am not enjoying the process at all.
I am going to just take it as it comes now. Most of the things are done. The few details that are messed up... Well it is how it is. The day will be great. I seem to have forgotten that the reason for all this madness is my amazing fiance. The kindest man I know of. The one who puts me first. And I seem to keep forgetting this madness isn't just effecting me, but it is effecting him as well. So enough is enough. I know there isn't anything we can not deal with together, and this day shouldn't be an stressful event. People around us are all looking forward to this- so should I.
And dear Mia :) You are right.. The day will be perfect no matter how many details get messed up. I will just ignore the many many details and focus on the main thing.. My very handsome husband to be :)
@Nele, Thanks love. The rings are very pretty- they just messed up the placing of the diamonds. I returned my ring yesterday for them to fix it. I am awaiting a call from them today- So lets keep them crossed.
@Eowin, hope you can use the tips- that site is filled with loads of info. :)

Yesterday I was looking over my blog and thinking about how this all started. About how I keep forgetting that I am much stronger that I seem to be. I have lived through a whole lot of shit- so why I am acting like I can't do things now? Taking the "easy" way has never been an option for me. I have been proud over working hard for the things I have. So why don't I do it with my body? Working hard for having the body I want instead of taking the short cuts looking for fast/easy ways out.. We all know- having a great body takes work. A whole lot of work. I has taken me years to put on all the fat- why do I think I can get it all off in matter of few weeks/months?

And I was thinking. One of the reasons why I have been so tired and cranky and on the edge is most likely the fact that I am not hitting the gym. I haven't been training for errm.. Lets see around 2 months now.. My body is messed up and that is one of the reasons why. That is a fact that I can not ignore.
So today after work- that is what I am going to do. I am going to get my act together and get my lazy bum to the gym. I will work around the things we need to do. Even 30 mins will be way better than nothing.

Another thing that really got to me is something on read on FedUp's last post. She said this: " I'm going on Vacation next month and I DO NOT want to come home 5 lbs heavier or worse and have to deal with damage control mode.  I HATE damage control mode.  I prefer maintenance mode thank you very much."
And OMG .. She is so right.. I on the other hand always think "oh I am going on vacation- I can eat what ever I want- and if I gain, then I gain" .. This my butterflies is one of the reasons why there is around 100 lbs difference between her and I.. She took her time- and lost the weight. She keeps it under control. Doesn't matter if she is on vacation- or if it is some sort of holidays.

So changes that I will be making from today are :

  • I will go to the gym or exercise even if it is for only 30 mins.
  • I will restrict my calorie intake- 10 calories per lbs of my target weight = 1200 calories. ( I am using the numbers from Rusty's blog- fitnessblackbook.com )
  • I will save calories during the week for the weekends or dinners out.
  • I will keep it low carb- but eating more of the good carbs like fruit
  • I aim to not gain any weight on vacations/holidays.

And this is how it is for now. I think it sounds like a good solid plan. Then I don't get the meat sickness. I wont fill overly fed. I will be able to eat fruit which doesn't mess up my tummy. And then it can take as long as it needs to take. This way I can stick to it being on our honeymoon.
I have 112 lbs to go for my GW- I aim to lose couple of pounds per week- which isn't unrealistic at all. And this means I should be able to get the weight off in a year. And lets face it. A year might seem really long but it really isn't. Time flies by.

Anyways I am going to end this wall of text. Laters <3


  1. That sounds like a great plan! You know, exercise is not just great because it makes you burn off calories and lose weight, but it also puts you in a great mood. gl xxx

  2. that's a really good plan, Kitty! It's like the saying goes, 'slow and steady wins the race', I think we always get so frustrated because even when we lose weight fast, we almost always end up gaining it again, and I feel like your plan is more sustainable and will ensure permanent weightloss. GL!

  3. Exercise is important, for so many reasons. Good for you! And as far as your diet plans, I think the fruit and stuff is a good idea. You should eat what genuinely makes you feel good. You will be less likely to binge and more likely to stick to healthy eating. And I don't know about you, but when I am eating foods that are good for my body, I just feel all around better.

  4. Hey, glad that you are able to gain some amount of motivation from my babbling blog. Your plan sounds good! It's so hard not gaining on Vacation-1/2 the time I gain some-but no matter what I don't see it as my excuse to just pig out and hopefully that's why I don't gain a horrendous amount. I only do 30 minutes on the elliptical sometimes and I think it still makes a difference. I am not a hard core gym person. I'm not gonna go 5 X per week but I do go and it still makes a difference. Oh, and good attitude about the whole wedding planning thing. Your family and friends will be there and it will be awesome.

  5. Glad to read this post and hear you are feeling more positive with new motivation! Your wedding is yours and your fiance's special day and it will be special because of what it stands for - your love and commitment to one another - and not because of the right flowers or appetizers or any other number of details.

    Once you get into a regular exercise routine you should find it becomes addictive, in a good way, like Eowin says, it puts you in a really good mood and its also a fantastic stress buster so maybe take out some of your wedding angst on a treadmill or a punch bag would be a good thing for you to try?

    Love AJ xx

  6. Your plan sounds amazing!
    Very solid, and easy to stick to.
    Those plans are the best kind to have. :)
    Your happiness about your wedding is making me happy, too!
    So cute. :)
    May the day be everything you want it to be and so much more.
    You both deserve that.
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

  7. Sounds really good! And such an inspiring post! It's precisly what I needed a day like this. We are strong, we can do this.