The mother of all binges...

That is what I had on Friday,,, Saturday... Sunday..
What happened was that we got a msg saying that our wedding bands were ready to be picked up.. So we went there after work.. And guess what.. The diamonds are placed wrongly on my ring.. And the fucking ring looks like a fucking button.. Look for your self..
I mean come on.. How can you mix up " Place the diamonds next to each other" ... WTF.. We are going back today after work and the sales girl that took our order is supposed to be working today.. And mark my words.. God help her if she doesn't fix it by the time of the wedding.. I will hurt her.. And I am not joking.. Ugg. That rage moment.. Sent me right off to a binge session.. And trust me this was the mother of all binges..  I had a bunch of spring rolls. I don't know how many.. Then I had a some chilli cheese with mayo.. A big king XXL with fries.. And apple juice.. And no we aren't done yet.. After a nice purge we had more space.. I had a pack of chocolate covered biscuits followed by a huge mug of lime mousse. After when I got home I munched on a bowl of roasted and salted seeds and had some Cola zero with it..

On Saturday- we went over to Copenhagen just to find out that the wedding store where I have bought most of my things closes really early on Saturdays.. So now we have to go there again.. We still need to get a bunch of stuff there- and I am not sure when we have the time to go back again.. Which sent me into yet another binge session.. Let see.. I had a sandwich with salad and roast beef. Then some sandwiches with butter and honey.. Followed by another mug of the lime mousse. Another sandwich with chicken bacon and friend potatoes.. Sugary iced tea.. erm what else.. Two huge plates of rice and indian tika. Erm lets see what else.. I had some watermelon lol

Sunday wasn't as bad.. I think I just crashed.. My body just shut down .. We had a meeting with the place we are having the dinner at.. And some more details are fucked there.. Which we can't really do anything about.. I am not going into details there since I am too emotional to write about it at work.. After we had a BBQ at his mum.. Which could have been better.. I am too tired to even care about that weird outing lol.. Ugg..

I have gained 3 lbs after this weekend. And you know what.. I can not deal with it anymore.. I just want to fix my ring- and after that. It will be the way it will be. I can not deal with this anymore.. The joy of the day is almost gone with all this stress. I can not remember the last time I have cried this much. This emotional roller coaster is killing me.. I barely sleep.. I am overly tired.. And it has been ages since I had this sort of binge/purge session.. I feel sick to my guts.. And I am pretty sure it is not the way it is supposed to be.. I guess I am too fucked up of a detailed obsessed maniac..

So thanks for all your kind comments- but atm I am not the one you should be proud of.

@ Eowin
The low carb diet is pretty easy. You basicly eat an amount of 20 grams carbs a day. To figure out how much carb something has you take off the amount of fibre from the carbs. So if something has 10 carbs per 100 grams and 3 of those are fibre you count it as 7 grams of carb per 100 grams.
You can eat almost as much as you want of clean meat products since they have no carbs. So your main foods will be red/white lean meat- fish- bacon- egg based food. You can also have a whole bunch of green salad since it barely has any carbs. Have a look at www.atkins.com - Phase one is the one you will be wanting to look closer into for now- and if you do not wish to gain all the weight right back you should look into the 4 phases.
With a low carb diet- you will lose weight really fast- but you will gain it right back if you don't follow the phases adding a little carb at the time. You will also probably feel sick of all the meat and fatty food. Going #2's will also be a gambling game- cause after a couple days on this it gets harder to "go" .
I would not recommend unless you do the phases properly. I will not recommend it either- if you are more on to the veggie side- cause then there isn't much to eat.
I think I will do a proper calorie restricted- gym plan when we get back from our honeymoon. I don't think low carb is something I could keep on going on all the time.

Anyways.. I am off for now..


  1. your rings look nice to me. I really like them. It sucks that everything is going wrong... I feel really sorry for you. You would lose tour mind for less than what you experienced.

  2. Hey thanks for the tips about the atkin diet!! it does sound really hard but effective, so if after my bf leaves I have gained a lot of weight, I'll try it.

    I'm so sorry about your binging and the reason that caused it. 3 lbs is not too much really though, you'll manage to lose it in no time, just as easily as you gained it!

  3. I know you want your day to be perfect and this is a really stressful time. Remember it should be FUN too. I LOVED planning my wedding. Take deep breaths and just keep going. It will all turn out good and be totally worth all of the craziness on that special day.

  4. Oh honey! I've got a friend who's getting married this summer and she's also really stressed about it. And you know what? On that big day, even if everything doesn't go as you planned, it will be perfect!

  5. Omg it sounds like you had a nightmare of a weekend, I'm really sorry it's being so stressful for you. I hope things are looking up by now (Im a bit behind on my blog reading)

    Love AJ xx