I was about to write TGIF... But then I realized.. It's not.. This day at work will be long and boring.. Have normally around 20 mails to go through in the mornings- today there was one. And yes.. It is already done..

On another note- if you ever plan doing a low carb diet- do NOT allow your self to have a carb day. I read this stupid article which said taking off a day was OK- and guess what. I did that on Monday- and I am only finally now getting under the weight I was on Sunday. Which mean it put me back around 3-4 lbs.
So I googled.. And get this.. You can not have a carb day cause that is exactly what fucks the diet. Falling out of the hormonal balance and so on. Putting you back almost a week every time you do so.

I am glad I know this now and didn't fuck up stuff right before the wedding. But I am down 7 lbs- Going to weigh in tomorrow and that will be my one week mark. If I keep losing 7 lbs per week until the wedding it means I will be down around 28 lbs. Which would be perfect.

I have changed my goals a tad. I have put 120 lbs as my goal weight. The reason is mostly because my BF has been commenting "bones" lately. I have been watching supersize vs superskinny. And every time I point at  a skinny one - that has my hight and say "oh she is just perfect" - he goes "Eow.. I would hate it if you became that boney". So I have put up the goal with 10 lbs. But my goal is to get the body fat as low as possible on that weight. I know I should be the one deciding what my body looks like.. But I am sort of sharing it with him.. He keeps in shape for me- so I guess I have to do the same. So the closer I get to my GW the more I will put up the training. And I think that is something I will be able to live with. On the bright side the new goal means I would "only" have 105.6 lbs to lose..

Today is our last day at this office. We are almost packed and there are boxes everywhere.. It is sort of sad to move. I haven't been working here that long but this place has been sort of home to me the last months and it is a tad sad to move. Ah well.. I guess we need the bigger space.

I will be spending loads of time today on google finding low carb recipes.. It's not like I have anything else to do lol..

Oh and welcome to the new followers :) Thanks for following and reading :)


  1. Congratulations on your weight loss! I know what you mean about the carb day. Some friends of mine came to visit me a few weeks ago and I had TWO DAYS of eating junk and I definitely gained. A lot. That's why I guess there is a whole "plan" for VERY SLOWLY weaning yourself from the strictness of the low carb thing.

    I have to say though, after a few weeks of low carb dieting, I really don't crave the carbs like I used to. Sure, I will have excess fruit or a beer here and there, but the cravings aren't like they were when I started.

    Good luck on your coming weeks!

  2. 120 is also my goal! I think it's a healthy-skinny way to be. Whats your height again?

    Btw I TOTALLY understand the thing about the emails... my job is just the same. Have nothing to do, sometimes. That's one of the reasons why I started a blog! ^^

    Thanks for the tip about the NO carb days! I'm plannin on going on a low carb diet too (the Dukan diet) at the end of july so its good to know.

    GL lady! xxx

  3. wow! 7 lbs a week is so amazing!! Congrats! I think 120 is a good goal, especially if your fiancé doesn't want you getting too skinny. 120 is definitely pretty skinny and still a healthy weight especially if you want to have kids in the future at some point.