Heart ache....

My heart is broken and aches after seeing what has happened to my beloved Oslo.. It being the only place I have called home.. The tragic incident is only few blocks away from where I used to live.. I am thankful to God that all my friends and family living there are alive and are doing OK...
When something like this happens to a place where you call home... *sigh* .. If you haven't heard about what has happened.. You could read about it here..


  1. It hits close to home. I always thought Norway was a peaceful country... The attack on the young socialists is really sad too...

  2. I heard about that this morning on the news and i was so shocked that someone would do that :/ Im happy all your friends are safe and well :)
    Btw stupid mistake i made about the Big day, i must have read the dates wrong x

  3. Turns my stomach and breaks my heart... I'm glad you and your loved ones are safe.