Tick tack..

So erm.. I have been at work for less than 1,5 hours and I was done with all I had to do for eerrm 1 hour ago :P This day will be looooonnnnnggggg!!!!! But then again there is only this week of work again and I will be off getting ready for the married life and honeymoon...
My fiance has this week off as well and I have put him on the cleaning duty lol .. It has been so messy at our place lately so ya .. Atleast he wont be bored hehe..
I got to recalculate the "crash diet" numbers. And it is actually less than what I thought it would be. The protein shakes contain 103 calories per serving, so that is 206 calories. I normally have the portion packed broccoli packs- those are 30 calories each. A portion of salmon or chicken filet are around 150 calories each. So that is 386. Having a tad of olive oil or something will make it around 400 tops. Lets say there are few calories in my coffee and so on- it should not be over 450 calories per day.
Anyways.. I guess I will go and stream some..



  1. Those are low calorie numbers! I am not usually a fan of crash diets but as it's for your wedding you have my full support! Just be careful that restricting so much doesn't lead to binges. Although, you do have the ultimate motivation - wedding photos - to stick to it.

    I won't be joining you but I'm supporting you in spirit!

    Love AJ xx

  2. Hopefully you can stay on track. Your wedding would be great motivation though. I can't join you because my parents make me eat supper with them. But good luck!

  3. Kitty!!!!! I miss you! And all you other wonderful girls, of course! Sorry my little sister was a little overzealous in protecting me from the parents and she deleted everything! I mean, Martine honey (since I know you're reading blogs now), you could have just logged me out and cleared the history...
    That will teach me to give her my email passwords. She was supposed to only delete anything scandalous (i.e. naughty emails from B and the like), in the event that I got struck by lightning or hit by a car or something so our conservative parents can remain thinking of me as their sweet innocent daughter... But her heart was in the right place, haha. Although now I feel really guilty cos she did not know much about the online ana/mia/ed communities until she found my blog :-/

    Aaaaanyway, I'm free from the hospital! (and 20 pounds lighter, seriously, if you're very desperate and have a high pain tolerance, I recommend meningitis for weight loss haha. personally, i won't be doing that again) and will be back soon! I'm going to France (I leave tonight) to recuperate so I will probably not be able to make a new blog until September when I (hopefully) return to the US, but stay strong!!! And enjoy your wedding!! And I will be reading from all of you, wonderful ladies on my phone!!

    Sorry for the looooooooong post Kit! Hope you're having a good day! xxxx

  4. Ah, the pre-wedding crash diet.
    I have a feeling that whenever I have my own wedding, I will be doing one too.
    I hope it works out for you; I am sure you will have amazing results with it. :)
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

  5. 450 calories each day is awesome, be sure to exercise some too. Your wedding is going to be such a good motivation. Good luck!