Rain rain go away...

I just realized something.. I am really pale- and I should work on a tan before the wedding. Problem is that there is no sun, and according to the weather reports there wont be any sun the next few days. I have never been on a "tan bed" ( is that what it is called?? ).. And I am thinking about trying that. Do I have to use sun lotion?? Hmm.. I should google this.. It is weird that I am this pale though.. Being Persian I should have more colour on me. My mum used to tease me and call me for "Milky" since I was so pale compared to the rest of them .. Yes my mum is a bliss.. Erm ya..

I was thinking about getting a short haircut after the wedding, but I think I want to keep it long. It is sort of long now, The front is layered and the longest is almost couple cm under my chin, and the back is layered as well and the longest goes under my bra line. I have wavy hair but I tend to straighten it out cause I think it is what looks best for me. And I have lately been reading more and more about the Brizilian blow dry. And I came across this article on Nicole Richie's blog.. And I think I might just do it. It is kind of costs a whole lot. But then again, you only need to do it once or twice a year. Anyways I am not sure what to do yet. I have very marked cheekbones (even now that I am really fat) and I have been told several times that I can go both ways. I am putting up a few picture so you can see. One with sort of short- one medium ish- and the last one is from January this year so my hair is a longer now. Oh and That really cute guy is my Fiancé.. I know he has a brat like smile there ^^ But I promise you guys.. He is a brat :P hehehe

Edit: Removed pictures

What do you think?? Ah ya the dark hair, that is what my natural colour is..

Erm I ttly lost the track of my thought.. Stupid work, getting in way of my blog time.. lol.. Talking about work it is really dead here.. I think I have had a maximum amount of 7 cases per day.. That is calls and emails all together.. But erm ya.. I am running out of fun stuff to stream..

As you might see I am in way better mood today. I slept ok- and I had fun with hubby to be.. The subject of baby's were brought up again. We have a few packs of condoms left. I told him, we could talk about what to do when we run out of them. And talking about that. My BFF and her husband are working on their second one now. Their son will turn 1 in end of October- so I don't know why they are rushing, she said something about kindergarden placement and so on hehehe. But ya. That sure did bring up the baby talk.

I also told him about the new eating idea I have and he also agrees that it is a great idea- so for once he isn't nagging me at all about food and what not- which is amazing.

Let me tell you this girls.. Life as it is now is great. I spend my work days bloging and streaming and get paid for it- My fiance is soon to be my husband and we are almost done with the wedding details. He isn't bugging me about food- and I have lost couple pounds ^^

This post is being written in many session and I just wanna say that I can not believe how stupid guys are who think that they can tech things better than girls only cause they have a dick.. Come on! *sigh* stupid boys!

Anyways I am gonna publish this post before it gets too random.. Thanks for all your kind comments on yesterdays post <3

Wish you all a great day :)


  1. Aw this post made me smile, you are very pretty :), and I am happy to hear things are going better for you atm. You must be getting so excited for the wedding! How long is it now? And baby talk, niiice (as well as having wedding envy I am also totally broody... lol)

    Take care, Love AJ xx

  2. First, you're very pretty! you and your hubby-to-be make such a lovely couple! :)

    You know, I totally understand how we are supposed to be more tanned - I am Italian but I work in Germany. When I went back to Italy after 3 months here, my mom thought that I looked so pale that she made me take some blood tests to check my iron levels!!! lol

    As you probably have noticed, i do the same thing - I also get paid for blogging and doing nothing at the pc! my job is waaay to boring, im so happy im going to start a new one soon!

    Im soo happy for you! im glad to hear that you're positive and that things are going great. Have a great day!! xxx

  3. aww you're so pretty!! I really like your hair in the middle pic. I don't like super long hair, but I went really short once and regretted it, lol, but then again I have a very very round face, which you don't.
    I'm glad you're in a better mood today!

  4. You are so pretty! I love your layered look. Consider a spray tan if you want some color. You can get it done professionally and don't have to worry about pesky cancer causing uv rays. Your hubby is cute. Awesome that you asked him to stop bugging you about food and he did. Nice to see you happy and in a good mood! Life really can be good huh?

  5. you are gorgeous. and what a nice bf. really, he looks totally cute :)
    I like long hair more than short hair. But you can pull both of them off.