I think I'm going kookoo.. kookoo... kookoo..

Right.. So I think I am really going kookoo.. lol..
I mentioned in one of my posts that I was really sick of meat in general didn't I... I think the low carb diet is taking it to a whole new level.. Last night I dreamt I was being chased by a bunch of fish... and they were trying to eat me... When I finally got away from them.. It was a road with pork/lamb chops on the side.. And they were trying to flat me out lol ... I mean COME ON!!! This can not be normal lol..
Anyways. I am going to keep on the low carb this month. Will see what to do after. I am really fed up with meat in general, and I think the dream is trying to tell me something.. lol..
Anyhow.. I have reached a whole new level of tired now.. The weekend wasn't long enough and I could sleep for days..

Good news.. The priest has approved our vows.. I was so emotional writing them down yesterday.. I really need to find me a proper water proof mascara hehe.. Gaaah... I'm such a mess. I am so tired, so emotional, so stressed..

Note to my self: Google low carb veggie recipes...

@AJ : Thanks hon. And right back at you :)
@[ChildofApathy] : Oh I know the feeling of always being on move.. One of the reasons why I don't want to move again.. but ya.. Where will you be moving after uni?? :) - And ya we sort of have already demoted him.. He is the best man in name- but he isn't going to be a part of anything but to stand up there at the isle along with my fiance and the other guy who is actually doing all the work.. We don't have the time/energy to bother with him... The question is if we will ever talk to him again after this.. Doesn't feel like he deserves it..

Off to read some blogs and google now :)

Oh and as if I wasn't emo enough.. This song just came on...


  1. Yay for priest approving your vows, you go get the wedding you want hon!

    Love AJ xx

  2. I have also considered becoming vegetarian many times but I just love fish too much, and if I were to ever become pescatarian, I would just feel like a hypocrite.

    Anyway I'm glad to hear the good news about your wedding!!! are u gonna post any picts? maybe for just a day? You'll look gorgeous! :D