Pre wedding crash diet..

Hope you all have had a great weekend so far :) Mine has been Ok. We were out on family stuff all day yesterday.. And we finally got to watch the last Harry Potter movie.. I didn't enjoy the movie that much since this fucktard of a dude was sitting next to me... He had almost half his elbow over to my sit and he kept shouting stuff in his stupid language over.. When he wasn't pissing out those he kept saying "fucking cunt childrens movie" .. I mean come on.. Who the hell forced you to watch it.. Argh... Ah well.. I have read the books.. But it sure was annoying..
I skipped updating my weight on Friday since I just got my period again.. and I always gain when I have it.. The first few days are stupidly weird.. I have updated the meter according to it but I am not really bothering with it. It normally goes back to normal couple days after my period is over.
Anyways, I had yet another of my wedding weird dreams.. In this one my dress was really tight.. I couldn't breath.. It was really bad.. I remember the feeling of being out of air.. I woke up and I have had one thought in my head ever since.. I HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT.. Ok ok.. It is exactly 12 days left until the wedding date and I am going on a crash diet.
I have read about this diet before. Never really done it. What I will basicly do is that I will have a protein shake for breakfast- another one for lunch- dinner will be either salad or green veg with some oven made chicken/fish. The diet will be low on calories and carbs. This combo should give big numbers and results until the wedding day. I calculated a tad- having two shakes and a salmon filet and some veg would be around 600 calories and like 5-6 grams of carbs. If I was to have chicken or white fish instead it will be even less calories so i think 600-700 is the right number area.
This will probably effect my mood.. But to be honest, I don't care. I want to be able to breath properly in my dress lol.. The idea is freaking me out..
We also bought a Wii fit plus today. Didn't get to put it out and try it out but I am really looking forward to play around with it :)
Erm.. What else... Ah ya.. We looked at a new flat today. We bought the one we live in now when I moved here from Oslo, but we are looking into buying one with more space and more bedrooms. A guest room is something we really need specially since all my family and friends live abroad. The flat we saw today had loads of potential so we will see.
Anyways I am off for now.. Thanks for all your comments on my last post , I know you are all right.. The most important thing is that we can talk about it and he understand why I worry so much.. And OMG Nasimiyu I got ALL your comments on mail lol ^^ Funny how you couldn't make it on the blog- but I kept getting them on mail lol

Glad it worked now though <3

Anyone wants to join me on my 2 shake and a "salad" diet starting tomorrow ending the 29th ?


  1. wedding,new place...so exciting! You should have no problem sticking to that diet if you were doing that liquid one before. Good luck with it.

  2. Good luck with the flat hunting, I know how potentially stressful that can be.

    Stay strong and you will succeed

    Love AJ xxx