Feeling better..

I am feeling better.. The last few days have been hell and I can finally breath.. It has been pretty bad.. I have been having a bad fever and I have been living in my own little hell! But I am feeling better and I will be back to work tomorrow.. I can not believe that I am saying this.. But I am missing work.. I am missing my coworkers...


I am also craving to move.. I have been laying down for the last days and this is driving me crazy.. So I can not wait to get out.. Talking about going out- we are going to have a look at the place that needs to be fixed today. And I am actually very positive about it. I mean the idea of being able to redo everything to our aka my taste (hubby doesn't really care :P) and ya all in all I think it would be great. We need a permit to fix the kitchen and the bathroom but while we are waiting on that we can paint- and fix the hallway floor- and change the doors to the bedrooms and so on..

Anyhoo.. So I talked to hubby, and we agreed that if the el and so on good on the flat- we are just gonna bid on it.ofc we are going to bid like 300 k under what they are asking for.. But even with the cost of the repairs, it will be a win when we sell it... And it is like 4 mins walk to the huge park where we had the wedding which is amazing.

So we will see how it goes.. :) But we have agreed that if we don't find a place we love by the end of this month, we will wait with the move until next year..

I feel a tad woozy again.. So I will be off again..



  1. I glad you are feeling a little better. I hope you start feeling even better though.

  2. Pink treadmill? Can I come over and use it? You can pop over and use my blue exercise bike and (when I eventually buy it) blue elliptical lol.

    I love how it is us women that always want to change the house to our taste. :P My guy friends are always joking about the fact I care too much about the appearance of my apartment.