So we are bidding on this flat we like.. We are going to change it a little bit if we get it.. We are bidding around 20.000 dollars under what they want for it... But we are the only bidders so we will see!!

Here it is  .. The pictures are mostly from the view and it doesn't show that much but still.. It is the one with 3 bedrooms-- You need to go through the kitchen to get to one of the bedroom- and that is what we will be changing. Closing up that wall and have a new door out to the living room ( which is how it was to start with but the old owner changed it for some stupid reason lol) ... And it needs some paint job and proper decoration.. But ya..

It is only 10 mins ish walk to the harbour.. And we love the area so far hehe.. So keep them crossed girls!!!

@ Miranda :) : I am not sure if I am using the terms flat vs townhouse right. I use flat instead of apartment- while a town house for me i more a house.. Like these:


Town house: 

Gotta go back to work now.. :) 

Keep them crossed! 



  1. Wow that house looks amazing fingers crossed that you get it. Your conversion makes sense because if you change it then that bedroom wont be so isolated from the rest of the house like it is now :)
    The view from the balcony is lush hehe :D x

  2. Luv the black and white checked floor. The tub has that shower thing that detaches. I'm still not sure how people use those. Hope you get it. I just love the look of the "flats" there. Thanks for the explanation of flats vs townhouse. We pretty much have apartment, town house and condo's here. Or a duplex or a detached home. The only one you actually don't buy or own is the apartment.