Lunch time hell lol

So here I was sitting and thinking "oh it's almost lunch time- mmm I am craving a burger" - and I was having an internal argue with my self about how I should just ignore it - and have my home made lunch.
Mid discussions the guys decide to order burgers... So in my dep- it's me and 10 guys.. Of those 10 are 8 having burgers - and here I am munching on my carrot sticks..
I hate the fact that I am ALWAYS surrounded by fast food at work.. I stopped having lunch at in the common room- and am having it by my desk and there is still food smells all over the place.. Now from the guys hamburgers.. Anyways.. I am eating my burgers... I might go buy a coke zero later just to have the "junk food" cravings out of my system..

Other than that.. I am tired (surprise surprise)..

Oh today we are going to the flat we bought with the guy that is going to do the renovation of the kitchen and  the bathroom for us- to have a look at the place and take some measurements. So that is exciting.

Other than that.. I am going to do another run today- didn't do anything yesterday since hubby's dad came suddenly over - and stayed for dinner and behind lol but I am looking forward to today and yes my legs are still aching since the last time hehe  :)

Thanks for the comments yesterday girls.. Made me feel more sane hehe :)

@ Nasimiyu : Ya I have ended up with unfriending almost all of them- most of the rest I got on "hide" so I don't get any updates on my home screen. Hehe- I got two girls left on the open stuff- one from blogger the other from MFP. If you add me - make sure to put on the note that it is you so I don't ignore the invite lol.. I am pretty much doing it with the rest of the invites I get .. *hmm feel a tad mean* ^^

@ Seeking Something Else: My first day on MFP was a binge day lol.. When I was logging it I kept remember more and more stuff I had eaten lol .. It was horrid- but on the bright side- the pain of logging it - makes it a tad easier to battle the binge.
It is ttly true that people understimate what they eat.. I know that when I started writing down everything I ate the min I had it in my mouth.. I realized how much I actually ate :S AND got more real about how I need to have more of a portion control.


  1. I agree. Lunch time is hard with all of those delicious smells swirling around you. I get it at home too sometimes with the hubby when he's eating yummy stuff when I can't.

  2. I AM HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM THIS EXACT SECOND. I'm supposed to be fasting today. When it isn't tax season around here it is rare that my boss buys food for the office. What happens? Pizza for everyone....hand me the gun please. The aroma's will fill this office and be here all day just killing me. I am trying to stay strong but it is sooo hard. I am glad I decided to read blogs to help because you eating just your carrots is such an inspiration!! Thank you soo much!! and I also nnoticed your weight meter was down!! CONGRATS HUN!!! You are doing great!!

  3. I know what you mean. I am always the one either not eating, or nibbling on something low in calories at college whilst they are gorging on fast food. I had to put up with McDonalds today. ;/ Lunch time is so annoying when you are with/around other people.