Sigh @ me!

Yesterday didn't go so well... I did good until dinner time but then I went on a eating spree.. OMG I suck.. :( So yesterday ended up in way too many cals :S .. Where as my max level according to my fitness pal is 1250.. *sigh* ...

But today is a new day. I have learned that I should be better with how I eat during the work day so I don't get so hungry and don't eat mindlessly.. I must say.. I did stop my self at some point- cause I could eat and eat and eat... I have gained 0.4 kg.. I am not taking it too harsh- cause I haven't been drinking so much when I was ill and since yesterday I have been back to drinking normally again.. And I did pig out yesterday..... So ya.. Lesson learned..

 Another *sigh* moment is me being late AGAIN!!! I mean come on.. This isn't funny anymore.. I know for a fact that I should not be pregnant this time- cause we have been careful since I panicked last time.. I have never been like this.. I used to be able to count on the day I would get my period to the exact day when I was in my teens even.. So this is stupid..

Another I suck moment is the fact that we didn't hit the gym either.. I guess me being stuffed after dinner- and dead tired cause of lack of sleep doesn't help.. I am so disappointed in my self :S

I am really going to focus on today and not fuck up... Todays goal is to eat within the calorie budget.. It sure is something I need to learn cause I have to learn to recognize the "stop" button my mind has forgotten all about..

I bought these plastic plates on my way home yesterday which I am thinking will help my portion control issues..

The bigger half for veg- 1/4 for carbs and the other for protein.. I mean.. This should be safe.. If I stick to the plate and don't go for a second.. Then it should be the right size for a normal portion.. Or what???

I'm sorry for being all sucky today.. I am not liking my self all that much at the moment..

Anyway.. I will be off before I rant more BS..



  1. Have you been hanging out with new women lately? It's not a myth women's cycles match up over time. And I have always had a regular cycle too (which was great because we use fertility awareness for birth control) but when I started my new job I was working with a whole bunch of other women and I was late like, three months in a row and it totally freaked me out. After a while it finally regulated itself again. Maybe that's what's going on?

  2. I'm supposed to start today!! Cramps galore and it sucks. The portion control plate concept is a good idea.

  3. The "ideal" weight I was talking about was about my ideal bmi according to my bmi calculater. And I'm really not skinny yet. I'm.. chubby. People around me agrees so :F

    Thank you for the encouragement sweetie <3

    I saw measuring jugs made of plastic on Apoteket that seemed normal. One for protein, carbs, sause and so on :)

  4. I'm so glad to hear that :) That's why we're hear, to give and gain motivation and support <3 Best think about running - it gets more fun everytime, because I can run a bit further than yesterday :)

  5. I know what you mean about the period. Mine has been missing for like, 3 months and shows no sign of rearing its head and I am definitely not pregnant.

    I want one of those plates! I'd probably end up mainly eating the veg though haha. xo

  6. I think the plate idea is great! Just stay away from those devil seconds lol. Your change of diet may have something to do with your period being off too. If it keeps acting up maybe its time for a doc appointment? Hope all goes well!