Born to be ... Failoure?? Fat?? Flabby??

So yesterday I fucked up..
I did good until after work.. I sticked to my meals and had a good food day.. Then I met hubby- and he says "We only have an hour before we need to meet the designer- lets grab some burgers for dinner" *sigh*... And I am like.. "but I can not have it" and he said.. "Come on it's been a while, you wont die from it" ...

And girls.. I ate.. Not just a small veggie one as I had planned on having for dinner with broccoli.. But a huge fatty greasy one from Burger king.. And fuck the fucking shit.. According to my fitnesspal it has almost 1000 calories. I sat there munching in and kept thinking.. "I shouldn't do this"--"I shouldn't do this" ... *sigh*...

Anyways.. Today isn't getting any better.. We are going to have dinner with my hubby's co workers.. And I just had a look at the menu at the place where we are going to eat.. And look at this....  *sigh* what the fuck am I supposed to eat there?? I thought maybe I would have the caesar salad and ask them to have the dressing on the side and skip the bacon.. I dunno.. Please help girls.. I am going to ask what the vegetarian dish is.. And see if it is any better.. *Sigh*

Anyways.. I am keeping it pretty light during work today. I am having just some coffee/tea - maybe couple of 20 cal piece wasa crackers. I also have a K bliss bar - 90 calories with me..

I didn't exercise last night either.. Fucking fibromyalgi.. I was in such a bad shape.. I could barely move my arms... So I took a couple of pain killers and went straight to bed as soon as we got home.. ( We didn't get home before 9 PM ish).. I have cut the painkiller to a minimum use- and my body isn't used to them anymore.. So when I actually use them it really puts me down.. I am still numb from them- and I really couldn't open my eyes this morning. And it is doing wonders for my mood.. And as if that is not enough.. I am starving.. When I take them I can eat and eat and eat and eat and eat.. Add emotional binge eater on top of that.. And hola-- You got me..

Anyways... Don't have much to say today than being a downer- so I am off for now.



  1. I totally know that feeling!
    Both of them, actually.
    It's like, when someone offers you food, insist, and you've been resticting all day, it can be soooo hard to say no! So sometimes, you just give in to the cravings, and then you go waaaay further than you really would have.

    If I were you, I'd go for the salad without dressing. And if they won't remove the bacon (though I'm sure they will) you can just do it yourself. I know exancly how you feel. Eating out can be a real bummer :(

    Oh well. Just believe in youself and stay strong girl!

  2. We all know that feeling. it's horrid.
    When I was fasting, someone offered me a chocolate bar. I couldn't say no. I ate it. And +5 packets of crisps that I don't really like. It's horird. It's horrid.
    <3 Stay strong, sweetheart.
    There's no smooth roads in weight loss. They are always bumps in the road. We can get over them. We know we can.

  3. I would def suggest the ceaser salad wo bacon.....iff the add parmesean cheese to it skip that as well dressing on side. The smoked salmon on toast with lime also sounds doable. Skip the toast or at least half of it. The protein from the fish should curve your appetitie and usually things that are smoked are not loaded with butter.

    Eating out definately sucks and i toatlly feel your pain...I have a birthday dinner coming up that is terrifing me. :( Just stick to your plan and you'll do great.

    We all mess up.....it sucks and we hate ourselves. Just dont let the sadness throw you into a binge cycle. One bad day is way better than 2 or 3 right? :)

    Your doing great, failure is part of success. Keep it up :)

  4. Oh boy! I checked out that menu. It is a tough one. I'd do exactly what you are planning. Salad with no bacon and dressing on the side or the veg entre. I don't like sea food but some of that might be OK. Or, I might just get the garlic bread and eat only that. After a day of restriction it would be ok but I tend to be a carb whore. Sorry about the burger! Now you just have to bounce back from it. You can do it.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear that you're having a bad day sweetie. I hope tomorrow will be better for you <3

    Salad sounds great by the way.