The promise!

So I did get the "treadmill" ^^ We had to drive to another shop to get the pink one but I think it is totally worth it :)

I have promissed my self something.. I will use it every day.. I don't care if it is only for 30 mins- those 30 mins matter..

I also want to thank you guys for being so nice.. The comments on the last post made me ttly emo hehe.. <3

@Miranda: I will pose before after pictures both for the flat and my self when I have them :)


Oh and we put out our current flat for sales.. Here is the link... There are details like the bed sheets that annoy the hell out of me.. But hubby was the one that arranged the shoot and so on.. So I am not going to nag hehe

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  1. I'd even like to live in your flat you are getting rid of! Everything is so sleek. It's so crazy. Houses and apartments just don't look like that here.