Erm ya..

So I am ttly blocking out the eats on Friday.. I woke up on Saturday and I actually had lost some weight.. Nothing to brag about but pretty surprising when I think about how my eats had been. Sunday was dinner at the in laws- birthday dinner for hubby's brother. Cake and stuff.. Blocking that too..

I am in such a denial mode lol.. There is no end to it..

I woke up in the middle of the night and had cramps from hell... So I got my period.. 10 days ish late.. And it is killing me now. It is REALLY bad.. I have cramps.. Am bloated.. My mood is a bliss.. I have never ever been so emo.. I could swap from loughing to crying.. yup..

I am so not stepping on the scale while I have the days.. And I am also keep watching my eats and figure out what my next step is going to be..

This time I think I might keep it to my self and share it if I can actually keep the plans.

Anyways.. Tired and cranky.. So I will be off..



  1. I hope my period stops soon.. Hate it så fucking much :(

  2. Monthly cramps and bloating are the absolute worst! But... on the bright side at least you know it will soon pass

  3. Protein shakes doesn't make me even a bit full.. Not even naturdiet or things like that works for me. And right now I cant work out either.

    Thank you <3

  4. I think it's best you follow your plan not to weigh until your period is over....no reason freaking yourself out over "fake weight" as I call it. Glad you got it though....I know you were scared. :)