Killing time__

Good thing about being sick and being home alone is that you get the time to think.. Just think.. You get the time to read.. And to process.. It can be really hard to focus on everything that is happening all the time at the same time..
I have been pretty off the HSGD well mostly cause I have been too busy to track numbers.. That is the excuse I am using for now.. But I know for a fact that if I REALLY want to do something I do no matter where I am and what I am doing. So I guess I really do need to reinvent my self.. and not just talk about it... *sigh*

I know.. I know.. I suck on following up.. I am going to start writing down and track everything I put in my mouth again.. No more excuses, starting today! Starting now.. Don't need to wait till tomorrow- or next week.. Now is as good as any other day..

Step by step ya??

First step: Plan the eats and stay within the calorie budget..
Step two: Write down everything I eat right after I eat them..
Step three: Drink more water.. Eat more veg and fruit..

3 simple steps.. That is where I am going to start again..

Oh and there is this new blog I am loving.. Check it out..

I am redoing my goals.. going to put more real goal steps.. :)

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  1. i really like this new design! I also find that tracking calories right before I consume them really helps...