I guess you don't know how bad your shape is until the day after a workout lol.. My everything aches.. But it is a good ache I guess :)... I have lost the 0.4 kg I gained- so that is good. I do feel sort of bloated.. I think it is cause of the late period.. 
Aye Ell :         I haven't really been hanging out with that many new woman- but it is not that long ago we changed our offices and are in the same building with all the others- and there are a whole lot of woman in other deps.. So I dunno really.. 

Anyway.. I am dead tired today.. Got barely 5 hours of sleep... And that is way way way too little for me.. I like a good 8-10 hours hehe.. Not that I ever get it unless I am home sick.. Even then I tend to wake up way too early.. I used to be able to sleep all day.... Hmm.. 

Over to something ttly different... I found a white hair... I know it is really shallow to say what I am going to say.. But... A white hair... I am so not ready for it!.. I don't want it.. :( I just turned 29 and what does the universe toss me... A white hair... COME ON!!! *sigh* lol .. I guess now I have a reason to dye my hair hehe.. 

I did pretty OK with food yesterday. Having more small snacks (fruit) made the day so much easier- and I wasn't too hungry by dinner time. So that is good.. 

I don't have much to say today.. Sort of too tired to focus.. But I just wanna say again thanks to you girls.. Everytime I feel alone in this- or when I feel like no one understand.. There you are.. Cheering me on.. 



  1. Oh man! The day after the workout is always the worst. The best thing to do when you're sore from a workout, though, is to continue working out. It will help get the lactic acid buildup out of your muscles. Otherwise, you might be aching for days and have only done one day of working out.

  2. Cardio is great for getting the lactic acid out. Otherwise you're gonna be even more sore tomorrow! At least, I always think that the day after the day after a workout is the worst. : ) Congrats on jogging 15 minutes (last post). That's totally awesome!