I have been thinking about how to kick start the counting again.. I haven't gained or lost anything the last week ish.. I am going on HSGD starting today. I tried SGD and it was horrid.. Specially since I count in all veg and fruit.. I ended up being way too light headed and cranky.. Unable to focus on work..
HSGD has more realistic amount of calories. And I feel like starting it, I wont be putting my self up to fail.. I hate the feeling of failure..
I have made a tab on pages overview for it. Makes it easier to keep track of the numbers. Today is a 900 cal day.. I don't feel stressed about it at all.. I finally have a plan for breakfast/lunch at work.. I am going to start drinking my protein shake again (103 cals)- and for lunch I am going to have a cup of soup (70 cal) and an apple (72 cal). I might have a rice cake by end of the day if I am still hungry. I am also introducing smoothies at home.. Hubby has never really tried them and hasn't been so keen on trying them.. But I think they are a great snack.. And I like the sweetness you get from it without having to have something ttly unhealthy.. The recipe I am going to try today is for mango smoothies- half a banana - 1 DL light yoghurt- and 1 DL chopped frozen mango. That is around 163 cals. I think this recipe can be mixed with all sort of berries but I have been craving something sweet lately, so I think mango is a good choice.
The reason for this is that we are going to start training again.. FINALLY!!! We talked about it- and we are going to just go home after work- grab a snack and hit the gym. Hubby is going to start his shooting training as well- so he will have an extra day at their club, which I will use on chill girl time..
We are thinking about doing it like this : Mon-tues: gym- Wednesday: his club training/my girl night- Thur:gym- Friday: date night. Saturday: gym. Sunday slack off day.
We aren't sure if we can make it to the gym on all the days we want because of the house hunting and so on- but on those days we are thinking about going for a run or just do WiiFit..

I have been thinking about my eating habits, and I have noticed that I prefer having my food planned- and to not have that many options.. I like to eat the same thing everyday cause then I know what I get my self into.. I sort of feel like I will go on a binge if I don't plan my eats.. I know I shouldn't use it as an excuse but ya.. Does any of you feel the same way?


We saw a flat yesterday.. 3 bedrooms and so on.. On a great location.. But it lacked a whole lot of storage space.. So we are most likely just going to nvm it.. We have another one we are going to see after work today.. This one only has two bedroom. but it is right next to the park where we got married.. So we will see..  I would love to have a town house.. But hubby is being all "oh it is too much work".. So for now we are just looking into flats.. And the bigger ones aren't that great.  So we will see how it goes..

Hmmm... Got really distracted here .. Started looking over all the flat we could think of looking at and made a list for hubby.. And I think we are going to have a new look at the one we saw yesterday again tomorrow.. We might just go for one with 2 bedroom instead of 3 and go for the prime location.. And then maybe move in a few years and buy a house/town house.. He just can't deal with the idea of a house atm.. So it's a tad meh.. But I can sort of understand why he is saying what he is saying so... But ya ...

Anyways :) I think I will just publish this post hehe, can't seem to be able to focus..


Edit: Ttly forgot ^^ @Ulla.. Honey if you are reading this.. I ttly miss you.. Hope everything is OK and OMG yaaaay for the being half hitched ^^ So so so yaaay ^^Does this mean you might move over to the DK?? Have I mentioned that Copenhagen is only a 10 mins train ride away from here ^^

Looking forward to see you back in couple of weeks ish :) <3


  1. Good luck with the HSGD! Hopefully it will get you back on track and losing again. I love smoothies! Ice makes them bigger without adding extra calories, but it might mean a weaker flavor. Hopefully you can find a good flat or house or something that you and your hubby both like.

  2. What's the diff between a flat and a townhouse? We don't use the term flat here and I'm confused about what they are. Hope you find something you two like and can agree on. Good luck with your diet too. 900 is totally doable.