Sigh @ drama...

Ok-.. So you know how I said we bought the flat and we were going to sign the papers today?? Well guess what we are not!

What happened is that the seller was supposed to send us proof of the bathroom was fixed by a pro company (It has to be for insurance matters)- on Tuesday.. She didn't.. Then her broker called us and said "oh we are sorry- it will be done today" and we were ya ok- shit happenes. Then he asked if we could move the take over date from 1st of November to 1st of December. And we were like well Ok.. As long she brings the papers and we sing the contract tomorrow, we can go for that..

Then the broker mailed me a copy of the contract where he had managed to put wrong price on the contract.. It was around 50k Swedish kroners more than what we had agreed on.. And I was like WTF?? - again he was all sorry- I will fix it..

So this morning, he called the hubby and said "ya we are sorry, but she still hasn't fixed the documents for the bathroom, but she will bring them to the contract signing tonight" .. And he was like "oh and we want to move the takeover date to beginning of January.. I mean comeon!! WTF is that all about.. AND on top of that they wanted to meet on Monday instead of today.... *sigh*

So I called the broker back.. And let me tell you I was pretty pissed.. And I told him that they had 3 options.. 1: We do everything as planned today- 2: We can sign the papers on Monday, and the takeover day will still be December 1st at the latest, but we are taking our bid down with 50k.. 3: She doesn't agree on either and we will just forget about the whole thing..

Then he told me the reason for why she wanted to postpond it.. And the story is so stupid.. Let me start by saying that this lady is older than my mum.. She is around 60 years old.

So she bought the flat she is selling to us with a guy- whom she cheated on- and he moved out. She is now buying a farm with her new flame- and she wanted to wait cause she is unsure about the new guy??? WTF lol

And then he called and said that they didn't want to go for our offers so we were all nvm it then..

Then he called again and were all, oh we are sorry, lets go as planned today! But lets face it- a day full of BS and stress in between work cases.. It's been so stressing and we have lost our "we like this flat" feeling.. So I called my hubby's mum and talked it over with her. And she was like well if you like the flat then go for it but take your bid down with another 100k- if you get it then good, if you don't then it's too bad for the seller.. So we did that and they didn't want it and we are SO done with this shit..

I have never ever ever seen something similar...... Anyway... We are going to keep looking and I am sure we will find something better!


  1. That sounds ridiculous! I'd have been so pissed off by the woman and that. xx

  2. Such drama! Home buying is always a stressfull experience. Hopefully there is something better out there.

  3. That sounds really shady..

    Yes, but of course I've gained. Again....