Enough is enough!

Ok.. I have had enough of the low mood! I have been sobbing for days and everything is starting to get so "out of reach".. And I have had enough..
So it is my birthday.. I am turning 29 and guess what.. I am going to grab it by the balls and have a blast! I mean.. The whole "OMG I am getting old" is getting old.. I need to just forget about it.. Ages a number afterall... And my 28 turned out good.. And if I get my shit together 29 will even be better... I have a to do list.. Lol.. I ALWAYS have a to do list.. I like having them.. Makes me feel better.. More in control.. And lets face it.. I am a control freak..

I have made a list over the things I want to do by the end of this year.. I have a goal.. And I think it's really important to keep it up until end of this year and put up new ones then.. So this is what I want to do by the end of this year:

  • I will get fit and get my lazy bum to the gym 4 times a week
  • I will eat restrict my calories- control my carbs- keep my fat low. 
  • I will get up earlier every morning- and take time to put on my makeup and get my self looking good.. Looking better will make me feel better and that will result in me having a better day. 
  • I will NOT let my hubby's stupid gran get to me.. She can be a bitch as often as she want.. She is going to my ignore list.. And is out of our life! 
  • I will get OFF morbidly obese BMI (AKA under 174 lbs) .. I can not keep going this way.. I will end up dying fat... 
  • I will not binge.. And I will not purge! 
  • And I will start paying more attention to my hubby.. Date nights are back on the table! We haven't had a proper date since I moved to Sweden.. And that SUCKS... 
Over to something different.. I can not get this song out of my head.. It's not really my kind of music, but I keep going back to some of her songs lately..

    Tonight we are going out for sushi to celebrate my bday.. And I am looking forward to that. I wonder what I can wear.. I don't have that many nice cloths that fit anymore.. And I am not buying new ones for this size.. I am just not going to do it lol... So ya.. We will see.. 
    On the bright side.. I have a whole bunch of cloths to fit into as the numbers on the scale go lower.. :)

    Anyways :) Wishing you all a great weekend.. 



    1. Happy birthday :)
      Your to do list iis a good idea, like news years resolutions but not haha. They sound doable though and they'll a long way in helping you feel better about yourself like the one about looking goood leading to feeling good.
      I do that thing with clothes too where i refuse to go shopping for the size i am. I think it gives extra motivation for loosing those pounds. Hope you had a lovely day :D x

    2. Happy birthday Kitty! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day (and night)! xx

    3. Kitty my darling! Happy happy happy birthday!!!!! I'm still here, still reading, will be back in the US in two weeks for school and back to blogger around then too! But hope you have a fabulous day! love and miss you!

      Oh yeah, And a belated congratulations on getting hitched!! Stupid Danish boy proposed and I said yes, so I'll be joining you soooooon (OK in like 2 or 3 years, but aaaaaaaaaah!!!!!) :D

    4. Happy Birthday!!!

      That's the spirit! You can make 29 awesome! Don't get bogged down in the getting older bit - 30 is not old by any means.

      Have fun with sushi and best of luck with your new goals!

    5. Liking your attitude! Been there and I can honestly say that I'm better in my 30's then I was in 20's. Enjoy your Birthday weekend.

    6. Happy birthday and awesome goals. You can do it!

    7. Happy birthday!! You are not old because I'm only a couple years behind you... But in all seriousness... I think of age as a rough percentage. Obviously chance and how we take care of ourselves affects that, but really, think of it as having 71% of your life ahead of you. That is SO much time to do and be everything you dream of.

    8. Happy Birthday!!! Have a lovely day.
      I love your goals AND your attitude towards turning 29. :)

      Have fun with date nights. They sound so much fun.