A bit rant around the new flat and then a whole bunch of thoughts about why I was crying for hours last nigh!

I want to start this post with a warning.. Do not watch the clips I am posting here if you are not an adult.. Or if you are planning to live an ignorant life..

So yesterday I was crying for hours.. And it wasn't happy tears over buying the flat.. I was reading up on blogs and I saw this post, and as you guys know I have been talking about how I have been sick lately wanting to go over to a more vegetarian diet.. This clip  is the reason for why I was crying.. I cried cause I know that even though things aren't that bad here in the Scandinavia they are still bad.. I cried for the poor animals who are on daily bases being treated this way..

We all know and talk openly about the horrid holocaust, but no one EVER talks about this shit.. We have all heard about the chicken not being free and they are treated badly for us to be able to have the eggs.. But no one ever talks about what's actually happening to those poor animals.. We keep going to the zoo and circus's watching those poor animals preform but we NEVER talk about the fact that those poor animals are not living the life they were supposed to live.

I for one am not going to just sit by and watch and keep living an ignorant life. There a few things I wouldn't mind, one being supporting the local farmer, buying eggs from free ranged chickens. 2 being the hunters that actually hunt for crowd control (like the ones who hunt hogs here in the Scandinavia, if they didn't the population of the animals would ruin the wild life). I am not saying I would eat it.. But I understand the cause.

I am making a change and lets face it.. Hubby can take it the way he wants.. I wont be cooking it.. And since he never cooks (He srsly can not cook) .. I guess he wont be eating it either..

I ordered me some of the Skinny Bitch books and the book called Becoming Vegan: The Complete Guide to Adopting a Healthy Plant-based Diet, I have previewed some of these books on my Kindle, but I like to have recipe book and so on in paper- They will be delivered next week, until then I am just going to stay off meat and egg and so on. I don't think I will be going full vegan right away since we have some cream cheese and such left at home- I am the only one that eats that sort of things in our household- and I don't want to toss them cause it would be waste, and I hate tossing food.. People in other parts of the world are starving.. But I will not be buying any more of the animal related foods. I also got the skinny bitch "bun in the oven" book, just to be on the sure side.

I am looking forward to read them all and start a new chapter in my life.. One step at the time!

Over to the flat.. We are really looking forward to taking over.. The next few days will be hectic, we have to clear out and replace everything so they can take pictures from our current place and put it up for sales. They are going to do that tomorrow- and have it out online by Friday. We hope to be able to sell it pretty fast since it would suck to have to pay for both of the places.

Anywho, I need to log off now.. I am really tired and can't focus on much hehe



  1. You should check out The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone. I just bought it for my Kindle app and it has a lot of great recipes, etc.