We bought the place!

So the place I told you in my last post- the one that needs to be totally renovated.. Well we bought it! and we are signing the contract in around 1.5 hours :)

I can not WAIT to get my hands on it- plan the bathroom- kitchen.. the colors.. Everything ^^ Girls feel free to give me your idea's ^^ hehe

Oh another news.. Yesterday I wanted to binge.. I was so ready.. Got to the shop and filled on a whole lot of shit.. And you know what.. When I got home.. I stopped half way.. I reminded my self that this was not who I wanted to be..

Today I have been reminding my self over and over that I NEED TO CHANGE.. I can not keep waiting.. So I wanted a panini. And you know what.. Instead of using butter and ketchup and making two of it as I always would.. I made one. And I used fresh tomato and paprika instead of the fatty stuff.. Still tasted yummy!

I need to keep this up.. Making half of the portion I would normally have. and just keep in mind that I do NOT have to eat everything that is infront of me..

The leftover "binge" food is tucked away. Hubby can have it.. I really don't need to or want it..

So this is how the day has been so far.. After we are done signing the papers for the flat I am going to celebrate.. And this time it will not be with food or something fatty.. I am going to by simple light weight treadmill.. I am so going to get the pink one if they had it hehe .. It is on sale and you know what.. I am planning to actually use it too. I love watching tv so it will be placed right here where I can walk and watch my favorite shows..

Anyways I need to go get ready to get out.. But before I go I want to repaste what I read on a blog today which really got into me..

Today, I will eat healthy. I will not put myself down. I will tell my self that I am amazing, commited, and that I can do this. I will prove to everyone that they were wrong. I will wear a bikini  and I will not only look good I FEEL damn good in it. I will be confident, happy and beautiful! 



  1. Oh, how fun with the apartment! It will be YOUR place, more than others because YOU renovated it! I'm so happy for you :)

    And Kitty, you are amazing, commited AND you CAN do this. You WILL do this <3

  2. That's so exciting! I love planning new spaces! It will be great to have a place that you can renovate and make your own. It will reflect your personalities perfectly and be completely unique! Best of luck!

    And you're so positive! That's how you make progress - take it step by step and make small positive changes that lead up to big positive changes!

    You can do it! You're doing great and you have a great attitude about it! Keep it up!

  3. I think we have the same fav color. I'd get the pink one too. How exciting you got the place. I sooo want you to post all your before and after flat pics! Oh, and the only reason I have a final so soon is 'cause it's a short term class. I start up on the next one after it's done.