WTF is wrong with people...

So I got invited and added from a bunch of people on myfitnesspal account- none from here- just the ones that are there..

And I just came across this ticket in their forum, which is so WTF...

  • I stole some of my sons saltine gold fish crackers from him last night. I ate them with him, and didn't log it, may have been up to 5 crackers. 
  • sometimes I have a brownie for breakfast and don't log it! only occaisonally though
  • I totally eat my sons food.
  • I never click "Complete this entry" when I'm noticeably over. And a glass of wine may have slipped on to last night's consumption. Well, it was a Tuesday!
  • It is not unusual for me to eat a handful of unlogged jelly beans.
  • i dip into my daughter's dora snacks when shes not looking, then blame it on my older son, and yes, they're not logged in either.
  • I prelog how many I might have. So I'll usually log about 12 drinks at the start of the evening. 

And it kept going on and on.. I mean comeon... I know for a fact the reason why I am fat- is cause I eat to much and that to control it I gotta keep track of every fucking bite.. Else a bite here- and a bite there will become a whole bunch of calories..

What the fuck is wrong with these people? Now I am so regreting the whole fucking "friends" shit over there that I might even remake my account and nvm the whole shit with them ... And they call them selves for freaking "motivational grp" ... Jeez.. Making people think that it is ok to stay fat and still not track what they stuff their face with....

Argh.... I am so annoyed now...

This can not be normal...


  1. People delude themselves all the time so it's no surprise. They know why they are fat but just can't seem to do anything about it. Not motivational at all. Just do the opposite of whatever they do!!

  2. They dont log because they don;t want to see exactly how shitty they have eaten that day....at least in my opinion because i used to do it myself on mine. I would never log booze thinking "oh hahah well I dont count that." HELLLOOOO of course i need to count that! I count everything down even to a dash of salt now because it is sodium and sodium makes you bloated!! Those girls are soo dumb. Keep doing what you're doing cuz you ROCK :)

  3. yeah I haven't added any friends on there, I really don't use most of the website, just the food log cos their database is pretty extensive... but if you're still on it on next week I'll friend you (and maybe Jen cos I know she's on there too). I'm semi fasting the rest of the week but plan on getting back on track with eating and exercise starting Monday and will log religiously every day... at least you know that they're just deluding themselves... you can lie to the myfitnesspal log but you can't lie to your internal body's log, it knows and counts EVERYthing you put in it! anyway, stay strong kitty dear, just keep motivated with your food and exercise and you'll keep seeing progress

  4. Oh man! Does that mean I need to log today's binge? I don't think I can face those numbers.... but if I was just sneaking crackers, yeah, those would be in my log.

    I read somewhere once, that people underestimate what they eat - researchers compared food journals to pictures of what people actually ate and found that the real food was way more than what was recorded. I think we all just don't want to face what we really eat.