Just lost everything I wrote cause Chrome decided to crash... *sigh* -- And I was about to publish it... Not even a draft was saved..

What I said what that I am back at work... And it is good to be back.. But the guy that told me I needed a gastro is back to work.. He is in another dep now- but I still see him all the time.. He has been away for over a month- and he has lost a bunch of weight. The neck fats are down to two rolls only now heh...

The good thing about it is that I will use him as a motivation of what I will never become.

Other thing is that we are actually finally going back to gym today.. We have been using the WiiFit and I have been walking on the treadmill.. But it is just not the same.. Hubby is is the most horrid shape he has ever been too.. So he really needs to get back to training. He has his first competition in November. And that is not that far away. So we are going to go home after work- have a snack - change and hit the gym..

His membership runs out soon, I think in end of this or next month... Mine will run out by mid March and we both can not wait to change to another place.. The one we have now is really expensive---but it has the most sucky opening hours- and very few cardio machines.. So it is always a long line to get to those.. Which is really a waste of time.. We will see what is close to where we are going to move to - and see what sort of opening hours - and options we have.

Other thing I was thinking about was this convo I had with hubby yesterday while we were grocery shopping. He mentioned that he never thought about the fat/calories and so on content of the food he eats. That he didn't  have a problem saying no to food that he knows isn't good for him. And that made me think.. I have NEVER    been able to do that. I am in the bulimic- Ednos category.. More ednos than mia I would say my self.. Cause I tend to over eat often- but the B/P sessions can stop for months at the time.. As I have maybe mentioned before I have no idea what a "normal" portion size is/ or should be.. I have never had used food for food.. It has been something I would use for comfort.. For making my self feel better.. It has always been my personal choice of drug.. I am wondering now.. Should I seek help for this? I mean.. No one will take me serious.. Look how fat I am lol... I dunno... I have been having many different thoughts and feeling about it.. I think I might just try to keep to my eating plan- and see where it takes me.

Talking about eating plan.. Does anyone of you have a myfitnesspal account? And if you do would you wanna be my friend there? My user name is : Gela82.. I have given my self a new start there and I am aiming to use the program properly tracking everything.

Hmm.. What else... Erm ya.. I am going to try to keep my scale time to only twice a week. I tend to lose motivation if I have gained.. And it is another failour moment I don't need. I mean it is not like I aim to fail- but  the weight can be so different from day to day with the water weight and so on.. So ya.. I think I am going to try to stick to only Tuesdays and Thursdays for now.. (if I can manage)..

I also want to thank Mia and AJ for the comment on my last post.. You girls are both amazing.. <3 :)

@Miranda: The flat we live in now is nice, but not the best area to be living at, that is one of the main reasons why we are moving. I am wondering though. How are the aparments and houses over there? :) I know the nordics tend to have light and more minimalistic designs but I don't really know if that is so different from the US.

@ Run: Ya the treamill is light pink and it is very cute hehe.. It isn't a proper treadmill though- it is ment for walking/power walking and not running. I still think it is a very good option for a rainy day :)



  1. I should probably only weigh in 1-2 X per week. I'm sure it would help keep me saner, so good for you. Good luck with the tracking and staying in your food plans. I know you can do it. As for houses here. I guess it's just the decor is so different. All the condos where you are look so sleek and minimalist as a standard. Here there probably are places like that but it's more b/c it's been done up-and a lot of money spent-to make it that way.

  2. I hate it when my computer does that to me. It drives me crazy.
    I'm thinking about changing gyms too. Or at least buying a membership for another gym like Virgin. The one I am at is okay but the closest one to my house is tiny and I want a place with better opening times too. They need to remember that some people are busy from 8-4pm for example.

    People would take you serious. My doctor takes me really seriously even though I am a regular weight. He's cool with me not wanting to recover at the moment too which is nice.
    I should weigh in once or twice a week but it's too tempting to step on the scales each day. :/ xo