A new day..

And I am still sick.. I never ever thought I could disgust my self so much lol.. Good thing hubby thinks I am still cute even with the huge red nose and all the other charming side effects of this horrid cold.. I have been coughing so much that my abdominal core muscles ache when I try to move.. Ah well.. C'est la vie..

I have been making a new blog today. It is going to be my recipe blog. I have also made a new page called "eats" where I will link recipes I am trying from the other blog.

I have always loved cooking.. But food has become more than an animy than a friend and I want to break the horrid circle of binging and abusing food.. I am going to try to make/try sensible dishes which will make me feel good instead of guilty for eating them.

Each recipe will also give the amount of calories, fat, carbs and protein per serving (I am using the recipe tool on myfitnesspal to figure those out).. Ofc the numbers can be different since I am using nordic products and most of you guys don't so recalculate those numbers just to be sure if you want to.

Most of the dishes will be veggie or vegan. And that is another step in the right direction for me. I am really excited about all of this :)

Oh and as I mentioned I have redid my goals yesterday, and I resetted my ticker. And I am glad to say that I am finally down 2lbs. I haven't been gaining the last weeks but I haven't been watching what I eat or how much I eat either. So this is also a good step in the right direction.

Anyway.. Wish you all a great day..



  1. Cant wait to get some new recipes :) I could totally need some inspiration :P

  2. Jeez...you poor thing. Being sick really sucks. Hope you get over this cold soon. I like the idea of making food your friend.

  3. Where can I get those shakes? :)

  4. New recipes! :)
    I hope you feel better soon. Being sick really sucks.

    5am should not exist... Unless you are off to bed at that time of course. ;)