Taking it easy..

Today I am taking everything easy... I am very very tired- it is sunny outside but the wind is really strong.. I bought me a new pair of jeans and a thick cardigan yesterday- so today I am all cuddled up in warm cloths.. I am even wearing a scarf.. Which is really good cause I have been freezing a whole lot lately.
My body and mind in general are worn out- hubby is even worse.. So we are really looking forward to this weekend. We are planning to do nothing ^^ Just take it easy and relax.. We might go and have a look at a few places on Sunday, but that is about all we are planning to do.. Oh and we gotta do the laundry tomorrow. We barely have any clean cloths left hehe.. Oh and I have an appointment to get my legs waxed tomorrow.. Well I guess doing nothing for us means a whole bunch of stuff lol but we will take it easy :)

It must be the most chill I have had at work in weeks.. I have my headset on listening to Norah Jones.. Right now it's this one :

I am answering some email, had a couple of calls and drinking my tea.. Sitting far back in my chair and I am loving it. I hope it stays like this all day.

Over to food- I have no idea how much I have been eating the last few days. I haven't really eaten that much- but I haven't been tracking anything either. Have been so tired and out of focus.. But talking about food.. Hubby is going to go veggie/vegan with me. Yay for that.. Things will be so much easier.
But I am back on writing down everything again. I had to delete some apps from my phone cause I kept getting "you are low on space" error all the time.. I don't get why :S But since I couldn't move my calorie counter over to my SD card- I had to remove it too.. Now I only have it on the PC only. I think I might go for an iphone for my next phone.. I have been loving HTC for so long- but these app stuff are getting annoying.. And the new iphone should be out in a month ish so I might just go for it.. Will see..

I haven't been on the scale in a few days either.. The lack of sleep and the stress has made me really bloated even though I have been good for the intake. And we have had the scale packed away since we were going to have the shoot- but I will get on it tomorrow and see how much damage I have to deal with heh..

I am going to read up on more blogs- I am planning to start reading up on some of my favo blog all the way from when they were started.. I mean I do have the time today hehehe .. So why not ^^


Edit: I might play around with the layout and such as well.. I think I want to redo the whole blog.. Make it more positive and not so "hidden" ..Will see..


  1. Du är underbar, vet du det? Thank you so much for your comments yesterday, you made me feel a lot better about myself. I know I'm too focused on numbers day-to-day but I HAVE too weigh myself.. If I dont I cant think of anything else until I do.

    I love those weekends when you dont really do anything. Laundry is not that bad, because you got a lot of time in between. I hope you feel like a new person after this weekend, all full of energy :)

  2. I have an iPhone and it's not too bad. I kind of prefer my Blackberry though. The apps on both are pretty good.

    I'm always freezing too and it's annoying but when I go to other peoples houses though, it always seems too warm. It's strange. x

  3. Sort of, I was studying and just relaxing most of the time :) How was your weekend?

    So far so good, lol. 'm just studying at home so nothing can really go wrong, well, except for food but I haven't eating anything yet :) What's wrong with your monday?